India – Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, India

When I was planning my trip to India, I wanted to include different places. Taj Mahal (mausoleum in Agra) was on the top of my list.

– Was it worthy visiting? – Yes. Well, I think it’s good to visit all kinds of places, even if we don’t like some of them.
– Did I like it? – In general yes. I liked the total view of Taj Mahal. I wasn’t impressed by some details or inside parts. I liked colorful birds flying around. I didn’t like crowds; it was much too crowded (I was there in February).
– Would I like to go there again? – No. Too crowded.

What’s your impression about Taj Mahal?

India – What to visit in Delhi

Sunrise in Delhi, India

Delhi has plenty interesting places.
I guess you can spend there a week visiting all sites, but 1 or 2 days can be also enough – depending on your preferences.

What I’d recommend the most are: Red Fort (today’s photo), Humayun’s Tomb and India Gate.
These 3 sites are probably the most famous. In the Fort and Tomb you’ll see mostly tourists, but India Gate is surrounded by locals so that makes it more real.

Of course, you’ll find in Delhi much much more. Visit different monuments, as well as streets and restaurants to taste a bit of everything. 😉

India – Traveling by train


India is a huge country with many interesting places for tourists.
In general, traveling in India is quite convenient as long as you fly or take a train of a better class. Using buses or the worst trains may be annoying and frustrating, or just dirty with many insects…

In India, I was mostly traveling by train, and I think, I checked all possible classes. So my advice – if you can, avoid the lowest class.

India – Male Clothing


Female clothes from India are very diverse.
Traditional men clothing also varies a lot. However, these days, many boys and men often wear just a shirt and jeans. The easiest way to see different male clothes is to watch an Indian movie. 😉 Or plan your visit during one of the festivals – that’s a great chance to observe colorful life. 🙂

What I like the most from men clothing, are all turbans or caps. They can change even a “boring outfit”. 😉

India – Clothes


I guess, I’m not the only person who has in mind colorful sari while hearing the word “India”. 😀
So for me, Indian clothes are perfectly represented by sari and salwar kameez. 😉
(Sari looks like a dress with a top, and salwar kameez like trousers and a tunic.)

Of course, it’s quite a naive description, because clothing (and its colors) in India varies depending on different factors, like culture, geography, climate, event, etc. And actually many female clothing exist in India, but I still think that sari and salwar kameez are the most popular.

Tomorrow, I’ll mention men clothing.

India – Cuisine


Indian cuisine can be describe as “lots of vegetables, lentils and spices”. 😉
In general, vegetarianism is very popular in India, but I also met many people from India who eat meat (so like always, generalization doesn’t work so well 😉 ).

On the other hand, what we call as “Indian food” outside India is usually quite differently made in India. And India is a large country, with different regions (e.g., cold Himalayas, hot coast) and each region has some specialities.

Do you like Indian cuisine?
I love mango lassi. 😀 Lassi is a traditional yogurt-based drink from India. Often, lassi is simply salted, but sometimes flavored with sugar or fruits.

India – Bollywood

Mumbai, India

Bollywood is probably the most popular Indian film industry.
Well, there is no place like Bollywood, and the name just sounds like “Hollywood from Bombay” (Bombay is a former name for Mumbai).

Have you ever watched a Bollywood movie?
I’m not a movie fan, but I went to a cinema and watched an Indian movie when I was in Mumbai. 🙂

India – Cinema


The Indian film industry is huge and each year many movies (over thousand!) are made in India.
Indian films are the most popular in India, however, they have also many fans in other countries.

Do you know, that Indian movies originate from many places in India? A few years ago, I though that a term “Indian film” means the same as “Bollywood”. But they are different! Bollywood is a film industry based in Mumbai – just one of many in India.