South Africa – African Penguin

African Penguin, South Africa

African penguins can be seen in a few places in South Africa (in wild). The best known is Boulders Beach (Boulders Bay) located nearby Cape Town.

You may wonder, how can it be that penguins live in a hot place like Africa. Well, more important for penguins is the ocean temperature and the amount of penguin’s favorite food.

Unfortunately, the population of African penguins is decreasing. 🙁
If you want to learn something about these cute penguins or maybe adopt one (!) – check the website of the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB).

South Africa – Table Mountain

Table Mountain, South Africa

Table Mountain (1084.6 m) is an iconic site of Cape Town.
You can hike to the top or take a cable car (hiking is not the best option when it’s very hot…).

Table Mountain forms part of the Table Mountain National Park. It’s a lovely area! Other famous sites, e.g., Boulders Beach, Cape Point, or the Cape of Good Hope, also belong to the Table Mountain National Park; so it’s definitely a place you have to visit while being in Cape Town!
Besides the scenic views, it’s likely to meet variety of wild animals, e.g., baboons, ostrich, penguins, and more.

South Africa – Cape Town

Western Cape province, South Africa

I think, many tourists fly to Johannesburg and then they visit the Kruger National Park. I haven’t been to that part of South Africa, yet. I took a flight to Cape Town, because my friends lived there that time. I wasn’t really impressed by the city, but I loved the region! Mountains, coast, ocean, penguins, etc., – stunning nature! I can definitely recommend you the Western Cape province.

South Africa – Capital

South Africa

Do you know what’s the capital of South Africa?
Well, it’s a bit tricky question.
My answer is Pretoria, but in fact, South Africa has three capitals:
-Pretoria (executive)
-Bloemfontein (judicial)
-Cape Town (legislative)

p.s. I have no picture from Pretoria – so I’m showing you today a random nature photo. 🙂

South Africa – Tourism

Western Cape province, South Africa

South Africa is a popular tourist destination. However, a safety may be an issue here… Some parts of South Africa are quite safe, but others can be very dangerous – so be careful!
I didn’t have any problems in South Africa, but heard different stories from tourists as well from locals…

Anyway, the nature is really impressive in South Africa!

South Africa – Ugly Five

Warthog, Addo NP, South Africa

If you’re not lucky to spot all members of the Big Five, you can try to search for the “Ugly Five”. 😉
The Ugly Five is considered as the ugliest animals found in Africa. Well, obviously they are not extra pretty, but searching for them and observing their behavior is also nice!

Ugly Five animals are:
-marabou stork

South Africa – Big Five

Garden Route, South Africa

“Big Five” refers to the five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt (so-called “big five game”). This name was also adopted by wildlife guides, so tourists often talk about “big five” meaning 5 big animals they hope to see. Of course, I just wanted to see the animals, not hunt them!

Big five animals are:
-African lion
-African elephant
-Cape buffalo
-African leopard

South Africa – Nature

Graaff Reinet, South Africa

Nature is usually a reason for visiting South Africa, and it’s the perfect reason! 🙂
Stunning landscapes, plenty of animals and plants – a paradise for nature lovers. 🙂

While entering national parks in South Africa, you get kind of leaflet/map with information about wildlife in a given area. There are pictures and names of animals and plants, so you know what you can find there and then better remember everything. That’s a great thing! 🙂