South Korea – Traditional Clothes

South Korea

Koreans have very unique traditional clothes, especially female clothing is quite interesting. Unfortunately, these days, people don’t wear these clothes so often; even for special occasions like wedding, brides often choose western dresses. But if you’re lucky, you can still meet people wearing traditional clothing in South Korea. 🙂

South Korea – Cuisine

Drying chili peppers, South Korea

Each country has its own cuisine; it’s somehow unique but still we often can find similarities between others cuisines.
I could say, that Korean cuisine is a bit like a mixture of Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Many dishes looked to me a bit like Japanese, but Koreans eat more meat (just my impression).

Kimchi (kind of sauerkraut) is probably the best known Korean dish.

South Korea – Korean Alphabet

South Korea

What’s the main difference between Chinese and Korean language?
(Sorry for this naive text; it’s just from a person who has not so much idea about languages! 🙂 )
In Chinese, there is no alphabet; they have many (many, many!!!) characters, but no single letters. So I thought, it’s the same with Korean language. But it’s not! Korean alphabet exists and the number of letters in Korean is not so much different from e.g., English alphabet.

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