Lithuania – Uzupis


Uzupis is a “country in the country” where everything is acceptable. 😉

Uzupis is a small area in Vilnius with its own constitution, traditions and even president and prime minister! Just visit the place, I’m curious will you like it!

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8 thoughts on “Lithuania – Uzupis”

  1. Heheh I remember liking it! We visited at the end of October, and it was already very cold. So there wasn’t much going on in Uzupis, but I remember liking street art there and cute looking cafes and restaurants.

  2. looking forward to hearing and seeing more. particularly about the :”everything is acceptable” bit.

    1. 🙂
      I think “everything” is in a positive way 😉
      I guess, its idea is a bit similar to Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen, well maybe they’re totally different, just both are unique in many ways…

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