Turkey – Antalya & Titanic

Antalya & Titanic, Turkey
Antalya & Titanic, Turkey

Alanya and Antalya are two famous beach destinations in Turkey and besides beaches these places also have many other attractions, even perfect for winter visiting. I’ll focus now on Antalya, since I haven’t been to Alanya yet. 馃檪

My recommendation is to setup a kind of base for your daily trips, best a bit outside of the thriving city of Antalya. We stayed in an amazing, family friendly hotel, called Titanic Beach Lara that is really shaped like the Titanic!
For most casual tourists, it has everything you can name it – spa, outside heated swimming pool, play ground, mazes, and of course direct beach access from where you can see under optimal weather conditions the majestic mountain peaks of Bat谋 Toroslar (western Taurus range).

By staying nearby Antalya, you can avoid the biggest crowds, traffic jams etc., but still be very nearby to wonderful ancient sites! So, if you are not interested in spending days at the beach, stay just outside Antalya and visit all beautiful places around! 馃檪 Within the next few days, I’ll show you some of them.


Alanya i Antalya to nazwy dw贸ch popularnych miejscowo艣ci wypoczynkowych w Turcji. Opr贸cz pla偶owania, oferuj膮 one wiele atrakcji i doskonale si臋 nadaj膮 nawet na “zimow膮” wycieczk臋. W Alanya jeszcze nie by艂am, wi臋c skupi臋 si臋 teraz na Antalyi.

Antalya i jej najbli偶sze okolice bardzo dobrze nadaj膮 si臋 na baz臋 noclegow膮. W ci膮gu kilku dni, mo偶na pozwiedza膰 ciekawe miejsca, znajduj膮ce si臋 w rozs膮dnej odleg艂o艣ci. W ci膮gu kolejnych dni, przedstawi臋 Wam kilka propozycji.

B臋d膮c w Antalya, zatrzymali艣my si臋 w hotelu o nazwie Titanic Beach Lara, kt贸rego fragment widzicie na zdj臋ciu. 馃檪
Hotel poza bardzo ciekaw膮 konstrukcj膮, oferuje r贸wnie偶 wiele atrakcji. I po ca艂ym dniu zwiedzania, bardzo przyjemnie mo偶na tam sp臋dzi膰 wiecz贸r.

Turkey – Cappadocia

Cappadocia, Turkey
Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, for me, is one of these places, that even we can understand its origin, it still looks magical, like from a different world. 馃檪
So, if you go to Turkey, definitely put Cappadocia on your list! There are wonderful mountains around that area and all rock formations are really fascinated! Also all buildings fit into the scenery and everything together looks beautiful! 馃檪


Kapadocja, nale偶y do tych krain, kt贸rych pochodzenie mimo, 偶e mo偶emy zrozumie膰, to i tak zachwyca i dos艂ownie wygl膮da jak “nie z tej ziemi”. 馃檪
W wielu miejscach zobaczymy tam niesamowite formacje skalne, a nawet domy czy ko艣cio艂y s膮 idealnie wkomponowane w magiczn膮 sceneri臋. Je偶eli planujecie odwiedzi膰 Turcj臋, Kapadocja jest jednym z tych miejsc, kt贸re trzeba zobaczy膰! 馃檪

Turkey – Hierapolis

Hierapolis' theature, Turkey
Hierapolis’ theature, Turkey

Hierapolis is located together with Pamukkale and both are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
I have the impression that people mostly hear about Pamukkale, and not at all about Hierapolis, but this ancient city located exactly on the plateau of the hot springs (so Hierapolis was an antique spa). When visiting Pamukkale, it’s almost like a sin to not include the ruins of Hierapolis. And actually Hierapolis is a huge site, and there is lots to see!

I was impressed by different excavation site, but the most by Hierapolis’ theatre (today’s picture). Maybe it’s because I really love ancient theaters and amphitheaters. Or maybe, because you can nearly feel and touch centuries of history.
It definitely looks very impressive!


Hierapolis jest usytuowany razem z Pamukkale, i oba miejsca znajduj膮 si臋 na Li艣cie 艢wiatowego Dziedzictwa UNESCO. Mam jednak wra偶enie, 偶e wi臋kszo艣膰 os贸b chce tylko zobaczy膰 Pamukkale, i cz臋sto nawet nie wiedz膮 o Hierapolis, a szkoda, bo te miejsca s膮 艣ci艣le ze sob膮 powi膮zane.

Hierapolis to wielkie staro偶ytne miasto, kt贸re zosta艂o zbudowane na terenie Pamukkale. Ca艂y teren jest do艣膰 rozleg艂y, jednak warto dotrze膰 do wielu zak膮tk贸w, poniewa偶 potrafi膮 zaskoczy膰. Mi osobi艣cie najbardziej si臋 spodoba艂 teatr (dzisiejsze zdj臋cie). W ostatnich latach zosta艂 on odrestaurowany i obecnie wygl膮da naprawd臋 imponuj膮co!

Turkey – Pamukkale and Red Pamukkale

Pamukkale, Turkey
Pamukkale, Turkey

Today, you see Pamukkale terraces filled with water, and this is a path you can walk barefoot uphill or downhill.

Have you heard, there is also Red Pamukkale? Just a few kilometers away from Pamukkale you’ll find a town called Karahayit and there is so-called Red Pamukkale. It’s much smaller and may be not so impressive as a “real” Pamukkale, but it’s worthy a visit, especially since it’s very nearby! Like its name indicates, it is reddish by color, so rather think of the Yellowstone’s geysers than of “hot” snow looking like fields. 馃槈


Na dzisiejszym zdj臋ciu widzicie tarasy Pamukkale wype艂nione wod膮, po kt贸rych mo偶na na boso spacerowa膰.

I jeszcze jedna ciekawostka. Czy s艂yszeli艣cie o Czerwonym Pamukkale? Dos艂ownie kilka kilometr贸w od Pamukkale, znajduje si臋 miejscowo艣膰 Karahayit, kt贸ra jest nazywana Czerwonym Pamukkale, cho膰 bardziej przypomina rdzawo-pomara艅czowy kolor. Miejsce to nie jest, a偶 tak imponuj膮ce jak “prawdziwe” Pamukkale i jest te偶 znacznie mniejsze. Jednak chocia偶by z racji, 偶e znajduje si臋 tak blisko, warto si臋 tam wybra膰!

Turkey – Cotton castle – Pamukkale

Pamukkale, Turkey
Pamukkale, Turkey

Just recently, I learnt that Pamukkale means in Turkish “a cotton castle”, isn’t it a nice name?
From far, Pamukkale looks like snow, but then you see palm trees just nearby, so it cannot be so cold, and cotton is a better explanation than snow. 馃槈

Pamukkale is a natural site that consists of hot springs and travertines, terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water. Unfortunately, Pamukkale is changing quite fast, and some years ago there was much more water. In today’s picture you see dried terraces, I think they’re still very beautiful, but tomorrow I’ll show you for a comparison terraces full of water.

We went to Pamukkale in December, so early morning may be quite chilly, but expect a warm and sunny midday. Since we started sightseeing in the morning, we thought that it’s going to be too cold to walk barefoot on the water-filled terraces, which is the only allowed way. But the water is actually very warm, so walking wasn’t a problem at all. 馃檪


Dopiero niedawno dowiedzia艂am si臋, 偶e Pamukkale po turecku oznacza “bawe艂niany zamek”, czy偶 nie jest to 艂adna nazwa? Z daleka, Pamukkale wygl膮da jak g贸ra 艣niegu, jednak na tym “艣niegu” rosn膮 palmy, wi臋c bawe艂na wydaje si臋 by膰 lepszym pomys艂em ni偶 艣nieg. 馃槈

Pamukkale sk艂ada si臋 z wielu gor膮cych 藕r贸de艂 i taras贸w, powsta艂ych z wapiennych osad贸w. Przez wiele z tych taras贸w przep艂ywa ciep艂a woda, jednak Pamukkale zmienia si臋 i wody niestety ubywa. Wiele taras贸w jest ju偶 suchych, wed艂ug mnie to ci膮gle wygl膮da pi臋knie. Jutro Wam poka偶臋 tarasy, przez kt贸re przep艂ywa woda, a dzisiaj te wysuszone.

Po tarasach wype艂nionych wod膮 mo偶na spacerowa膰, ale tylko na boso. Z racji, 偶e byli艣my w Pamukkale w grudniu, i poranek by艂 do艣膰 ch艂odny, mieli艣my obawy przed tym spacerem. Jak si臋 okaza艂o, niepotrzebnie, woda by艂a cieplutka. 馃檪

Turkey – Pamukkale

Pamukkale, Turkey
Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most famous places in Turkey. I had a great time there, especially that I was there in December, so I could enjoy it without tourists crowds! 馃檪
Within the next few days I’ll tell you more about the site, but today I want to focus on practical aspects.

Pamukkale is relatively centrally located in Turkey. So very often tourists stay in bigger (coastal) cities (e.g. Izmir) or resorts (Antalya, Alanya) and take a day trip to Pamukkale. I want to encourage you to not do it! 馃檪 In a trip like that, you spend lots of hours in a bus, and then only a while in Pamukkale. Often, many groups arrive at the same time, so it’s very crowded and not nice any more.
It’s much better to rent a car (driving is very convenient in Turkey) or go by public buses and stay overnight in Pamukkale. There are many nice hotels, e.g., I can recommend to you Ayapam Hotel, that is located just a few minutes from the famous terraces. The owners are a delight and very helpful. We spend a wonderful evening with them and got interesting insides of Pamukkale.
And when you spent a night in Pamukkale, you can also enjoy sunset and sunrise! It’s always a great experience. 馃檪


Pamukkale znajduje si臋 na li艣cie 艣wiatowego dziedzictwa UNESCO i jest to jedno z popularniejszych miejsc w Turcji, i musz臋 przyzna膰, 偶e wcale mnie to nie dziwi! Odwiedzili艣my Pamukkale w grudniu i by艂a to 艣wietna decyzja, poniewa偶 mogli艣my wszystko obejrze膰 bez t艂umu turyst贸w dooko艂a, wi臋c bardzo polecam Turcj臋 poza sezonem!

Pamukkale znajduje si臋 mniej wi臋cej po艣rodku najs艂ynniejszych atrakcji w Turcji. St膮d bardzo cz臋sto ludzie przyje偶d偶aj膮cy do Pamukkale, korzystaj膮 z jednodniowych wycieczek (np. z Antalya lub Alanya) i sp臋dzaj膮 tylko “chwilk臋” na miejscu. Chcia艂abym Was zniech臋ci膰 do tego! 馃檪 Podczas takiej jednodniowej wycieczki, wi臋kszo艣膰 czasu sp臋dza si臋 w autobusie, jest ma艂o czasu na zwiedzanie, a do tego wiele grup przyje偶d偶a w tym samym czasie, wi臋c s膮 t艂umy dooko艂a…
Zdecydowanie lepiej wynaj膮膰 samoch贸d (drogi s膮 cz臋sto w 艣wietnym stanie) lub skorzysta膰 z lokalnego autobusu i sp臋dzi膰 noc w Pamukkale. Wyb贸r hoteli jest ogromny, polecam m.in. Ayapam Hotel usytuowany bardzo blisko s艂ynnych taras贸w. A dzi臋ki temu, jest mo偶liwo艣膰 na podziwianie wschodu i zachodu s艂o艅ca oraz mo偶na zwiedzi膰 Pamukkale w najwygodniejszym dla siebie momencie. 馃檪

Turkey – Tea

Tea, Turkey
Tea, Turkey

Tea is the most popular hot drink in Turkey. In Turkey, drinking coffee also has a long history, but tea is more common and often you’ll see people in shops, parks etc. drinking tea.
So-called Turkish tea is basically a strong black tea (without milk, may be with sugar) that is served in little tulip-shaped glasses (like in today’s photo).

I love drinking tea, however mostly green tea. But at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul I tried apple tea, and that was really delicious. So now, when I think about Turkey and tea, I have in my mind that delicious taste of apple tea! I have to say, I bought some apple tea in Turkey and took it back home, but it didn’t taste the same…


Herbata jest najpopularniejszym gor膮cym napojem w Turcji. Cho膰 tradycja picia kawy w Turcji jest d艂uga, i ka偶dy chyba s艂ysza艂 o kawie po turecku, to jednak herbata jest na pierwszym miejscu, i cz臋sto w sklepach czy na ulicy mo偶na zobaczy膰 smakoszy tego trunku. 馃檪
Typowa herbata w Turcji, to mocna czarna herbata, bez mleka, ale mo偶e by膰 s艂odzona, i obowi膮zkowa musi by膰 podana w malutkiej szklaneczce jak widoczna na dzisiejszym zdj臋ciu.

Osobi艣cie, uwielbiam herbat臋, ale przede wszystkim zielon膮. Mam te偶 swoje herbaciane wspomnienia z Wielkiego Bazaru w Stambule. Rozsmakowa艂am si臋 tam w herbacie jab艂kowej i nawet kupi艂am paczk臋 i przywioz艂am do domu. Jednak ta przyrz膮dzona w domu nie smakowa艂a ju偶 tak wy艣mienicie… Mimo wszystko, ta jab艂kowa herbata z Wielkiego Bazaru, jest moim pierwszym skojarzeniem, gdy s艂ysz臋 s艂owa “Turcja” i “herbata”. 馃檪

Turkey – Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey
Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, with over three thousands shops. It’s a perfect place where you can search for unique souvenirs, species, or anything else. 馃檪
Everyday, there many people visiting the Grand Bazaar, but it’s so huge, so everyone can find his own space. Even you don’t want to buy anything, it’s still a unique experience to visit it, dive into the busyness and take pictures. 馃檪


Wielki Bazar w Stambule jest jednym najwi臋kszych i najstarszych kryrych bazar贸w na 艣wiecie. Po艣r贸d ponad 3000 stoisk mo偶na wyszuka膰 ciekawe pami膮tki, wyj膮tkowe przyprawy i w艂a艣ciwie wszystko co mo偶na sobie za偶yczy膰. 馃槈
Codziennie, t艂umy odwiedzaj膮 Wielki Bazar, jednak my艣l臋, 偶e ka偶dy znajdzie “spokojniejszy k膮t” dla siebie. A je偶eli nie planujecie nic kupowa膰 to i tak warto si臋 tam wybra膰, poniewa偶 bazar sam w sobie jest ciekawym miejscem!

Turkey – Istanbul

Inside Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
Inside Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Many people start their Turkish adventure in Istanbul. And no wonder why, it’s a beautiful city with many attractions for tourists. It has also a great history and used to be known as Constantinople or Byzantium. And it’s also one of these cities that easily could be mistaken as a capital. The capital of Turkey is, of course, Ankara. Have you been to Ankara and Istanbul? So which one of these two do you think is more beautiful? 馃槈

What are the main attractions in Istanbul? Well, there are many. Even its location is very interesting, partly in Europe, partly in Asia, by the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, so you can also enjoy the Bosphorus. In Istanbul, you’ll find buildings from different periods. However, if you don’t have too much time, visit the Hagia Sophia, the Sultan Ahmet Mosque (known as the Blue Mosque, in today’s photo), Yedikule Fortress, and take a walk to simply enjoy the Old City.
If you’re not in a hurry, I’m sure you can easily fill a week in Istanbul with its many, many attractions.


Wiele os贸b, w艂a艣nie w Stambule rozpoczyna swoj膮 “tureck膮 przygod臋”. I nie ma si臋 co dziwi膰, poniewa偶 jest to pi臋kne miasto oferuj膮ce mn贸stwo atrakcji turystom. To tak偶e jedno z tych miast, kt贸re 艂atwo mo偶e by膰 wzi臋te za stolic臋. Oczywi艣cie stolic膮 Turcji jest Ankara. Czy byli艣cie w obu tych miastach? Kt贸re bardziej Wam si臋 spodoba艂o?

Stambu艂 to miasto o wielu twarzach a bogat膮 histori膮, w kt贸rym spokojnie mo偶na sp臋dzi膰 tydzie艅, a ka偶dego dnia zwiedza膰 inne zak膮tki i zdecydowanie si臋 nie nudzi膰. Samo po艂o偶enie Stambu艂u jest ciekawe, poniewa偶 cz臋艣ciowo znajduje si臋 w Europie, a cz臋艣ciowo w Azji. Stambu艂 le偶y po obu stronach cie艣niny Bosfor, nad Morzem Marmara i Morzem Czarnym.
Je偶eli macie tylko 鈥瀋hwilk臋鈥 w Stambule to przede wszystkim wybierzcie si臋 do Hagia Sofia, Meczet Su艂tana Ahmeda (zwanego B艂臋kitnym Meczetem, kt贸rego wn臋trze przedstawia dzisiejsze zdj臋cie), Twierdzy Siedmiu Wie偶 (Yedikule) oraz pospacerujcie po Starym Mie艣cie.

Turkey – Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse 2006, Turkey
Total Solar Eclipse 2006, Turkey

As I told you yesterday, my first trip to Turkey was very special and connected with my profession. I’m aware, it has almost nothing in common with traveling in Turkey, but I’m an astrophysicist, so I had to show you this picture. 馃榾

First, I went to Turkey in March 2006, hoping to observe a total solar eclipse by myself. And we’re very lucky, the weather was perfect and everything went fine. My camera wasn’t so good that time, but I managed to take some pictures. If you ever have a chance to witness a total solar eclipse, I can really recommend it! It’s a very unique experience, for everyone, not only for scientists! 馃檪
I really enjoyed it, not only the spectacular sun, but also nature that behaved in a special way. We’re outside Konya, completely alone, and could really observe how birds and other tiny animals behaved differently, and how silent everything became when the sun was completely covered. Simply amazing!


Tak jak wczoraj wspomnia艂am, moja pierwsza wizyta w Turcji by艂a zwi膮zana z moim zawodem i pasj膮. Wiem, 偶e to prawie nie ma nic wsp贸lnego z podr贸偶owaniem po Turcji, jednak z racji 偶e jestem astrofizykiem, musia艂am Wam pokaza膰 to zdj臋cie. 馃檪

To by艂 marzec 2006 roku, gdy po raz pierwszy wybra艂am si臋 do Turcji, wtedy z marzeniem o zaobserwowaniu ca艂kowitego za膰mienia s艂o艅ca. I uda艂o si臋, pogoda by艂a idealna! 馃檪 M贸j 贸wczesny aparat fotograficzny nie by艂 najlepszej klasy, ale uda艂o mi si臋 sfotografowa膰 r贸偶ne fazy za膰mienia. 馃檪 Je偶eli kiedy艣 b臋dziecie mieli okazj臋 do艣wiadczy膰 ca艂kowitego za膰mienia s艂o艅ca, to bardzo, bardzo polecam! 馃檪 To niesamowite prze偶ycie, nie tylko dla naukowc贸w! 馃檪
Na za膰mienie, znale藕li艣my odludne miejsce, niedaleko Konya i dzi臋ki temu zachwycali艣my si臋 nie tylko s艂o艅cem, ale i przyrod膮, kt贸ra dos艂ownie ucich艂a i zamar艂a na czas ca艂kowitej fazy za膰mienia. Jedyne w swoim rodzaju do艣wiadczenie!

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