Israel & Palestinian Territories – Capital and Basic Information

Usually, when I describe a given country, I write what’s the capital and some basic information about the country/place/state. I’m not going to do it this time.
Please, let’s enjoy the interesting places in Israel & Palestinian Territories in general.
I’m aware, it’s like being an ignorant tourist, but in this situation it’s better to keep it this way.

Israel & Palestinian Territories – Palestine

Palestine is a geographic region.
There is also a territory occupied by Israel called Palestine or the State of Palestine; that includes the West Bank and Gaza Strip with East Jerusalem.
Palestinian Territories or Occupied Palestinian Territories also mean the West Bank and Gaza Strip with East Jerusalem.
And then, in between and around, is Israel.

It’s complicated, let’s leave it like it is,
tomorrow, one more confusing information.

Israel & Palestinian Territories – Name of this Month Series

No, I’m not going to talk about politics as I mentioned yesterday, but only want to explain some of the wordings I decided to use.

I wasn’t sure how to call this month series. It could be “Israel & Occupied Territories”, or “Israel & Occupied Palestinian Territories”. I chose the name “Israel & Palestinian Territories” that sounds to me the most neutral. At the end, my goal is to show you my travel impressions from a given area.

Israel & Palestinian Territories – Introduction

This month, I’ll show you my pictures from the trip to Israel and Palestinian Territories. I want to show you interesting places I’ve visited and don’t want to talk about politics or current situation at all. I know, it may be not fair, but this is way too complicated for the travel blog, and I don’t feel competent enough to write about it.
So please, enjoy all places and pictures and let’s not talk about politics.

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