USA – Mount Evans

Marmot, Mount Evans
Marmot, Mount Evans

We met this cute marmot near to a summit of Mount Evans (4350 m). It’s a gorgeous area, but I bet many people go there, because it’s possible to drive almost to the top on the highest paved road in North America, that is called “Mount Evans Scenic Byway”. And trust me, there is a good reason for this name! 馃檪

Marmots, goats, etc. make this place just more adorable. But the animal you should search for is a “pika”! It is mouse-sized cute rabbit-like mammal with large round ears. If you don’t see it at first, for sure you can hear it! Pika does loud high-pitched whistles, and you’ll smile each time while hearing its “pee, pee”. 馃檪


Marmota albo 艣wistak – to nazwa tego uroczego zwierzaka ze zdj臋cia. Bardzo du偶o 艣wistak贸w spotkali艣my w okolicach G贸ry Evans (4350 m). Miejsce to zapewnia wspania艂e widoki. Wydaje mi si臋 jednak, 偶e wi臋kszo艣膰 os贸b kt贸re tam si臋 wybiera, nie my艣li o g贸rskich w臋dr贸wkach, a po prostu chce przejecha膰 najwy偶ej po艂o偶on膮 w Ameryce P贸艂nocnej brukowan膮 drog膮. Trasa ta nazywa si臋 “Mount Evans Scenic Byway”.

Opr贸cz 艣licznych widok贸w, wielokrotnie mieli艣my mo偶liwo艣膰 obserwowania r贸偶nych zwierzak贸w, jak wspomniany 艣wistak czy kozice. Jest jeszcze jeden zabawny zwierzak, kt贸rego nie spos贸b przeoczy膰, a raczej nie us艂ysze膰. Po angielsku nazywa si臋 “pika” i chyba jest to tak偶e polska nazwa. Jest to ma艂y gryzo艅 nale偶膮cy do rodziny zaj膮cowatych. Rozmiarem przypomina mysz z wielkimi, zaokr膮glonymi uszami. I co naj艣mieszniejsze – g艂o艣no “gwi偶d偶e” co brzmi jak “piii, piii”. 馃檪

30 thoughts on “USA – Mount Evans”

  1. Awesome! I’ve never been to Mt. Evans or the Scenic Byway. I’ve only been close to a Marmot while in Glacier NP.

    I want your financial planner’s name! You do get around to some amazing places on our planet! I’m a bit green with envy, but appreciate the arm-chair tour none the less!

    1. Thank you! I was lucky to visit some places, but there are still a few on my list 馃檪
      About Mt. Evans – it’s beautiful, maybe next time you can get there.

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