Indonesia – Walking to Mount Bromo

Forest nearby Mt. Bromo
Forest nearby Mt. Bromo

After seeing sunrise you can go closer to Mt. Bromo. To get there you can walk (or take a ride) through the forest. Enjoy this moment and sunshine, later it’s going to be dusty, at the end you have walk on the Sea of Sands. There is a good reason for this name… more about it I’ll tell you tomorrow. 🙂


Po obejrzeniu wschodu słońca nad wulkanem Bromo warto wybrać się w jego pobliże aby zajrzeć do krateru. Trzeba przejść (lub przejechać) przez las, który nad ranem jest pięknie rozświetlony promieniami słońca. Warto nacieszyć się tą zielenią, gdyż później czeka na nas Morze Piasków, które nie bez powodu zostało tak nazwane. Ale o tym jutro. 🙂

50 thoughts on “Indonesia – Walking to Mount Bromo”

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      It’s amazing, completely cloudy at the early morning and later no clouds at all.

  1. WOW – this shot is amazing!!!!! Love it. Feels like I’m in a jungle storybook for kids – which is a compliment because I love the feeling of adventure

  2. Great photo! Walking to Bromo is awesome especially after the morning crowds have disappeared. I love this place and have also blogged about it.

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