Spain – Often Late

Toledo, Spain

One of the stereotypes about the Spanish is that they are often late.
Well, obviously it’s not fair saying that all Spanish are often late, but there has to be something in it… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Based on my trips, I’d rather said, people from Spanish speaking countries are often late, e.g., from South America in general (also Brazil), but not so much from Spain. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Spain – Melilla

Melilla, Spain

I visited Melilla on my way back from Morocco. Otherwise, I would probably never gone there, neither heard about the city. There are some nice places in Melilla, but I don’t have good memories. If you’re planning to have a stopover in Melilla (Africa), expect a messy border checkpoint…

Have you been to Melilla? Or have you heard about this city?

Spain – Barcelona & Girona

Girona, Spain

Barcelona is a great tourist attraction of Spain. And there are good reasons for it!

This time, I won’t show you any pictures from Barcelona, but from Girona.
There are many flight to Girona-Barcelona airport. So it’s likely, that you’ll arrive to Girona, while flying to Barcelona. If you have a few hours and you’re tired of crowds, visit Girona. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Spain – Avila

Avila, Spain

I told you already that Madrid is not my favorite city in Spain. So when I was in Madrid, I was always trying to get somewhere nearby. I was amazed by big number of lovely towns located “nearby” Madrid. Well, maybe some of them are not very close to Madrid, but it was still quite convenient to go there by train.

Spain – Consuegra

Consuegra, Spain

As I already mentioned, I used to like Don Quixote a lot (I’m not so crazy any more).
So when I was planing my visit to Toledo, I had to search for windmills. I went to Consuegra and that was a great choice. It’s a magical place. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’re planing to visit Spain, definitely put on your list Toledo with Consuegra!

Spain – Madrid

Madrid, Spain

In Madrid, as usually in capitals, you can find lots of attractions.
To be honest, it’s not my favorite city in Spain, but even there I found a few nice places (tomorrow I will show you one of them). Anyway, what I can recommend in Madrid, visit museums! There are many great museums in Madrid, definitely worth visiting even in a sunny day!

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