Brazil – The best of

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It may be not the best place in Brazil; someone may even say it’s the worst one. From my point of view, Rio de Janeiro is so diverse and interesting, that’s why I’m saying it’s “the best of Brazil”.

For sure, there are more beautiful places in Brazil, but Rio has many advantages, you can reach it quite easily, plus in Rio and its close vicinity there is lots to do and lots to see.

Brazil – Açaí

Delicious Açaí pulp, Brazil

When I hear that someone is going to Brazil, I say “try Açaí!!!”.
Açaí are small, black/purple berries from the Açaí palm (Tuipan, Euterpe oleracea). It’s kind of “jungle fruit” that gives lots of nutrition to local people.

While being in Brazil, you have to try Açaí juice or “frozen pulp”, doesn’t matter how it supposed to be called; it also doesn’t matter that it may not look very tempting (today’s picture); what matters – that it’s so delicious! 😀 I was drinking it everyday (or at least twice a day) when I was in Brazil. And when I think about Brazil, I miss Açaí immediately…

There is one bad thing about Açaí. People realised that’s so healthy and called it as one of the “superfood”, so these days you can buy different dietary supplements with Açaí.
But don’t buy them!
Açaí is healthy, but many of its “amazing characteristic” are not really based on scientific research. It’s usually better to buy some of the local (fresh or frozen) berries, e.g., blueberries, raspberries, strawberries. Moreover, because of some craziness about Açaí, more and more Açaí is exported from Brazil, what means that precious food is “stolen” from local people.
So, please, enjoy Açaí, but only in Brazil!

Brazil – Brasilia


Brasília is the capital of Brazil.
The idea behind is that the capital supposed to be located more or less in the middle of the country, so there was a decision to build a new capital-city; it lasted 41 months(!) and in 1960 Brasília was officially inaugurated.

If architecture is your passion, Brasília is probably a place you want to visit. 🙂

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