Hong Kong – Status

Hong Kong

I have to finally mention what’s the status of Hong Kong.
Is it a separate country? – No.
Is it part of China? – Kind of, it’s an autonomous territory.

It is officially called the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

In the next days, I’ll tell you more, what it means.

Hong Kong – First View

Hong Kong

Before I went to Hong Kong, I was reading a bit and watching some movies about Hong Kong.
I remember well the cover from the guidebook, it was a very similar picture to the one I’m showing you today. I thought, the picture was old, not so well done… But when I finally had this view in the front of my eyes, it was exactly like on this “old” picture.
Hong Kong is like that, kind of foggy, polluted; it’s like it is.
Now, I like this view a lot. 🙂

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