Chile – Astronomy

Paranal Observatory, Chile

Chile is a perfect destination for astronomers. It’s my profession, so let me say a few words about it.

There are many different telescopes located in a few beautiful sites in Chile (e.g., Observatories: ALMA, Paranal, La Silla, Las Campanas, Tololo).
Why in Chile? Mostly, because of great atmospheric conditions, dry air and clear skies. What’s also important, Chile is a quite stable and safe country.

In today’s picture you can see part of the Paranal Observatory.
A top picture, I took when I was visiting the observatory.
A bottom photo has a much better story. I was flying early morning from Calama to Santiago, sleeping most of the time. I woke up for a moment, checked the view and with my sleepy eyes I saw something what looked like the Paranal Observatory. Immediately took my camera, zoomed in and took two pictures smiling all the time and thinking how lucky I was! 馃榾 Well, maybe only astronomers can get so extra happy because of this kind of view from the airplane. 馃槈


Chile to doskona艂e miejsce dla astronom贸w. Z racji, 偶e to m贸j zaw贸d, pozwol臋 sobie napisa膰 kilka s艂贸w o chilijskich obserwatoriach astronomicznych.

W Chile mo偶na znale藕膰 miejsca o “idealnych”, z punktu widzenia astronoma, warunkach atmosferycznych. Czyste niebo i niska wilgotno艣膰 powietrza bardzo u艂atwiaj膮 obserwacje. Dodatkowo, stabilna sytuacja polityczna Chile te偶 mia艂a znaczenie przy wyborze miejsca na inwestycje. Obecnie, w Chile znajduj膮 si臋 rozmaite obserwatoria astronomiczne z du偶膮 ilo艣ci膮 najwy偶szej klasy teleskop贸w.

Na dzisiejszym zdj臋ciu widzicie obserwatorium Paranal.
G贸rne zdj臋cie zrobi艂am podczas wizyty w tym obserwatorium.
A dolne zdj臋cie ma zdecydowanie ciekawsz膮 histori臋. Lecia艂am porannym samolotem z Calama do Santiago. Wi臋kszo艣膰 trasy przespa艂am, jednak w pewnym momencie si臋 obudzi艂am i sprawdzi艂am c贸偶 to za widok jest za oknem. Zaspanymi oczyma dojrza艂am co艣 co wygl膮da艂o jak obserwatorium. Szybko wyci膮gn臋艂am aparat i zrobi艂am dwa zdj臋cia ciesz膮c si臋 niesamowicie jakie mia艂am szcz臋cie, 偶e obudzi艂am si臋 w idealnym momencie. 馃榾

5 thoughts on “Chile – Astronomy”

  1. The surrounding landscape is looking like somewhere on the other planet. It is what astronomy about. Isn’t it? 馃檪

  2. A good shot. I think it demonstrates beautifully the environment you describe as being ideal for ‘star gazing’.

  3. Tak z ciekawo艣ci: czy niekt贸re z twoich podr贸偶y s膮 zwi膮zane z zawodem (“astronomicznym”), czy wszystkie s膮 prywatne?

  4. You’re an astronomer?? How long has this been going on?? No wonder you’re a star blogger– take a bow!

    I had no idea Chile was ideal for astronomy. Safe, stable, dry air, clear skies… makes perfect sense. Wonderful photos! Obviously astronomers have a sixth sense that tells them when it’s time to wake up! : )

    Great post, a belated happy new year to you!

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