Falkland Islands – Magellanic

Magellanic penguin
Magellanic penguin聽 (Bleaker Island)

The colors of water may suggest you’re in a tropical country. But it’s not the Caribbean, penguins only leave in the Southern Hemisphere. So polar bears don’t eat penguins, because they don’t know them. 馃槈


Taki kolor wody cz臋sto nam si臋 kojarzy z pi臋kn膮 pogod膮 w ciep艂ym kraju. Jednak to nie okolice Karaib贸w czy Morza 艢r贸dziemnego. Pingwiny zamieszkuj膮 tylko po艂udniow膮 p贸艂kul臋. Z tego powodu nie s膮 przysmakiem nied藕wiedzia polarnego, poniewa偶 ten ich nie zna. 馃槈

30 thoughts on “Falkland Islands – Magellanic”

  1. Natura wiedzia艂a co robi. Rozdzieli艂a ca艂e towarzystwo. Mi艣ki na p贸艂nocy, pingwiny na po艂udniu. Szanse na spotkanie, praktycznie zerowe.
    Kolor wody fantastyczny, ale to kwestia k膮ta padania promieni s艂onecznych. Nawiasem m贸wi膮c , jest to kolor , kt贸ry uwielbiam.

  2. Beautiful picture. I can’t believe how amazing the water looks. Penguins are one of the top animals I want to see in the wild that I have not seen in the wild yet! Someday soon I hope.

    1. Well, my first day there was quite warm, just to wear a T-shirt (so maybe 15C), but it’s not so often like that. Usually, I needed fleece and windstopper, wind is quite strong.

    1. I think, you can see more penguins than in Antarctica, because they’re just outside your hotel! 馃檪
      You can compare my other short posts from April 2015 馃檪

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