Faroe Islands – Fishing

Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands

Let’s continue talking about “water” in the Faroe Islands.
We had water sports, waterfalls so now it’s time for “water-food”. 😉

Fishing industry in the Faroe Islands is not so big as it was before, but still it’s very important. It makes absolutely sense, since there is so much water around. And also traditional Faroese food is based on seafood, plus meat and potatoes.


Zostańmy jeszcze dziś przy temacie wody na Wyspach Owczych.
Wcześniej było o sportach wodnych, wodospadach, a dziś “wodne jedzenie”. 😉

Rybołówstwo jest ważnym przemysłem na Wyspach Owczych. Co prawda, nie jest już tak istotne jak było kiedyś, jednak ciągle rozmaite ryby są łowione, a owoce morza, oprócz mięsa i ziemniaków, są tradycyjnym posiłkiem farerskim.

16 thoughts on “Faroe Islands – Fishing”

  1. I have this bad association with Faroe islands and red sea due to whaling (Grindadrap). Did you find a whale meat in any menu?

    Besides that I would like to visit the islands once. And your photos this month add fuel to the fire 🙂

    1. Thank you and I think we didn’t go to any restaurants, they were just not on the way…

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