Galapagos – Waved albatross

Waved albatross
Waved albatross

Do you see a wave-like pattern of its feathers? Apparently, that’s the source of its name, waved albatross. When I look at this one, I want to believe this is Mrs. Albatross ready for a big ball and wearing her feather-like gown. Hmm, but who knows, maybe it’s a male… 😉


Na wyspach Galapagos można zaobserwować albatrosy galapagoskie. Ich angielska nazwa odzwierciedla ich falowane wzorki na piórkach.

Gdy patrzę na dzisiejsze zdjęcie, mam wrażenie że jest to Pani Albatros, gotowa na przyjęcie i ubrana w piękną balową suknię. Hmm, a może to jednak samiec… 😉

8 thoughts on “Galapagos – Waved albatross”

  1. Beautiful shot!
    I remember that moment. Sitting quietly on the rocks, watching the birds at dawn. This one came to you with a trust and for awhile was only yours… I miss Galapagos, it’s calm and beauty…

    1. They’re medium size albatrosses, not the biggest, but still impressive, especially when they stretch their wings and fly.

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