Greenland – Greenland or Iceland?


My first impression, after visiting Iceland, was “it’s so green here, the country should be called “Greenland”; but there is already Greenland; why Greenland is not called Iceland and Iceland is not Greenland”. 😀
Of course, there is also “ice” on Iceland, but not as much as on Greenland.

About 75% of Greenland is covered by the permanent ice sheet!

One thought on “Greenland – Greenland or Iceland?”

  1. You reminded me of my exact thoughts 🙂

    I always recall the urban tale that wants Norwegian Vikings sending “fake” news back home about their newly discovered icy land (Iceland) in hope that their enemies will go to the falsely advertised “inhabitable” green land (Greenland) instead.

    And of course I never recall the real story behind the names 😀

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