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The Indian film industry is huge and each year many movies (over thousand!) are made in India.
Indian films are the most popular in India, however, they have also many fans in other countries.

Do you know, that Indian movies originate from many places in India? A few years ago, I though that a term “Indian film” means the same as “Bollywood”. But they are different! Bollywood is a film industry based in Mumbai – just one of many in India.

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  1. Again you are wrong. Indian movies are popular across Europe and Us along with Asia and Middle East. I ll just give you one example. One movie released last week ” Bahubali 2″ which has grossed only from US $12.5 million in one week

    1. Well, I wrote:
      “Indian films are the most popular in India, however, they have also many fans in other countries of South Asia or Middle East.”
      Apparently, in these places Indian movies are the most popular, but I didn’t say that nobody watches them in USA or Europe; they are just less popular there. So I don’t see anything wrong in that statement.

  2. I think in overall Indian films are more popular in U.S. than Europe. The fact that there is a double number of Indian immigrants there plays a major role I would suspect.

    So probably in U.K. the Indian films are also more popular compared to other countries of Europe (for the same reasons).

    1. I guess it depends how we do statistics 😉 do we take a total number of people or just a percentage.
      Actually, for me statistics would be realistic, if we take into account only non-Indians…

  3. Well it depends what is the question you want to answer or what is the point you want to make. So if one wants to see if an Indian film is popular to western cultures then indeed one should exclude the Indian population that lives in such countries. Otherwise it does not make sense to me.

  4. I thought ‘Bollywood’ referred to all Indian films, too – which shows how little I know about the film industry in general! 🙂

  5. 1,000 films per year?! That is impressive. I haven’t seen too many films from India, but there are a few that I fell in love with (e.g. “The Lunchbox” and “Pather Panchali”). But with so many films made each year, I have A LOT of catching up to do!

    1. it’s crazy, isn’t it!
      Actually, while writing this post, I was curious about your “Bollywood experience”. 🙂

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