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Indian cuisine can be describe as “lots of vegetables, lentils and spices”. 😉
In general, vegetarianism is very popular in India, but I also met many people from India who eat meat (so like always, generalization doesn’t work so well 😉 ).

On the other hand, what we call as “Indian food” outside India is usually quite differently made in India. And India is a large country, with different regions (e.g., cold Himalayas, hot coast) and each region has some specialities.

Do you like Indian cuisine?
I love mango lassi. 😀 Lassi is a traditional yogurt-based drink from India. Often, lassi is simply salted, but sometimes flavored with sugar or fruits.

14 thoughts on “India – Cuisine”

  1. I have only ever had a mango lassi, I love Indian food, it’s one of my favorites. The salted one sounds like the Persian drink dough which is not sweet, yogurt, water (I like carbonated water) and mint.

  2. Like anywhere – once experienced, a culture reveals itself to be complex and multi-hued. Generalisations have no useful place if one is to be honest and fair

  3. I love Indian food, it’s very popular here though as I’ve never beeen to India I can’t compare Scottish curries with the original. Mostly they are northern style but we do have one very good South Indian restaurant.

    My husband has beento India a couple of times on business, and the first time his hosts promised him a wonderful dessert. When he saw it he said he loved gulab jamun. Astonishment – how did he know what it was? We get it in Glasgow, he said. You have Indian restaurants in Glasgow? How many, they asked, two or three? I can think of single streets with three Indian restaurants he told them.

    1. hihi, that’s a funny story!

      I’m curious, when you go to Indian restaurants, do people who work there speak with British or Indian accent?

  4. Zaniedbałam ostatnimi czasy kuchnię indyjską, więc chyba przyszła pora skompletować przyprawy i przygotować coś smakowitego 😉
    Jeszcze kilka lat temu uważałam tę kuchnię za najlepszą na świecie 😉 Zmieniłam zdanie po wizycie w Tajlandii, ale nadal uwielbiam mango lassi!
    Pozdrawiam 🙂

    1. Ja chyba jestem dość wybredna, bo lubię poszczególne potrawy z różnych krajów i nie jestem w stanie powiedzieć, że dana kuchnia jest najlepsza, bo zawsze mi tam czegoś brakuje. A z tego co doświadczyłam w podróży – to chyba Wietnam wygrywa 🙂

  5. Oh, goodness, yes!! Indian food is probably my favorite of all cuisines—the dals, the curries, all the vegetables and lovely spices. I have an Indian cookbook, but all the recipes are so difficult and time-consuming, I’ve only made one or two. Thank goodness other people do Indian foods. Sadly, I’ve never been to India, however.

  6. I love Indian food, although I don’t cook Indian recipes myself as my husband has an aversion to anything spicy! We have a lot of Indian restaurants and takeaways in the UK. Our children love them! 🙂

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