Indonesia – Reliefs of Borobudur


Borobudur temple is also decorated with 2,672 relief panels (one of them is presented on today’s picture). Relief panels show many scenes of daily life in 8th-century Java; various flora and fauna; images of king, queen, princes, soldiers, etc.; or spiritual beings in Buddhist beliefs such as asuras, gods etc.; and many more.

Spend a few hours to explore different levels of the temple and simply enjoy it. 🙂


Świątynię Borobudur ozdabiają aż 2672 “płyty” z płaskorzeźbami (fragment widoczny na dzisiejszym zdjęciu). Warto się im bliżej przyjrzeć, ponieważ przedstawiają wiele scen z życia VIII-wiecznej Jawy. Dostrzeżemy tam też wiele roślin, zwierząt, sylwetki królewskiej rodziny, buddyjskie obrazy i wiele innych.

Bardzo polecam aby spędzić kilka godzin w Borobudur i na spokojnie zwiedzić poszczególne piętra świątyni. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Indonesia – Reliefs of Borobudur”

  1. What a pretty penal! What a craftsmanship and how pretty time has give it different colours that add to its depth and liveliness. I’m sure experts will see different layers of society in the people depicted by noticing differences in jewellery and clothing. I only see that the craftsmen who made this panel took great care in showing off their botanical knowledge. I spot 4 very different trees with fruits and flowers.

  2. Sztuka ówczesna wiele nam opowiada o dawnym życiu (a może tylko tak nam się wydaje…)
    Ciekawe, co “powie” potomnym sztuka współczesna. 😉

  3. When I am seeing the artwork that have hundreds and even thousands years of existence I am surprised how talented were ancient people. They had skills and tools to make this kind of pieces of Art. The humanity of those times was pretty knowledgeable and educated to create so many beautiful Masterpieces.

  4. Great photo of this ancient treasure of world culture. It’s awe inspiring when you realize how old this is.

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