Japan – Kabuki

Tokyo, Japan

Have you ever heard about Kabuki?

When I was planning my trip to Japan, I wanted to experience something typical Japanese. So, watching kabuki performance was on my list.

Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance-drama.
To watch it, I visited a theater in Tokyo. It was very interesting and colorful.
What surprised me the most, people weren’t elegant, and during the intermission, they’re eating meals while sitting inside the theater!

6 thoughts on “Japan – Kabuki”

  1. Because a break is short, ppl can eat meals in the theater:D
    It is one of the pleasure of Kabuki, too 😛

  2. One of the most beautiful cultural experience we had in Japan was the Bunraku theater in Osaka. I think you would also love it if you have not attended a performance already. I fully recommend it!

  3. This is amazing, that you has experienced the Kabuki theater show <3

    About all the eating. This is something weird to us, but taking into consideration that some shows last 5 hours or so… People got tired and hungry I guess 😉

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