Libya – Libya or Syria


In daily travel impressions on my blog, every month, I show you a different country or place I visited in the past. Some of the trips were done a month earlier, but others – many years ago.

I visited Libya in 2004, so it’s already 14 years ago! That’s a lot, especially for Libya, because its recent history is so intense and there are many changes. Definitely, Libya was quite a different country 14 years ago…
I remember, before I went to Libya, I wasn’t sure should I go to Syria or Libya; at the end I chose Libya. I haven’t visited Syria yet. Now, I regret that I didn’t visit both countries that time…

2 thoughts on “Libya – Libya or Syria”

  1. I did the opposite. Went to Syria in 2009 and missed out on Libya. I actually had a Libya trip all booked but couldnt go due to the troubles. A big regret but I hope to get there one day. They are both incredible countries to visit in peaceful times. How did you like Leptis Magna?

    1. So you perfectly understand me!
      Leptis Magna was amazing! I’ll show later some more pictures of it

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