Lithuania – Introduction


Welcome to Lithuania! 🙂
This April is going to be all about this small European country.

Have you been to Lithuania?
I’ll try to convince you this month, that Lithuania is worth visiting. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Lithuania – Introduction”

  1. I have been to Vilnius a few times, but just once for proper traveling 🙂 The other times I was flying from Vilnius airport so I took bus from Warsaw to go there. I went during October and it was -8 degrees! But it was very beautiful and sunny. I loved Vilnius – it didn’t even feel like a capital city, the entire city felt like suburbs. We also went to Trakai and it was really beautiful. I love how sweet Lithuanian language sounds. I really want to revisit other parts of the country, but unfortunately I have very tight number of free days a year from year, and the drive to Lithuania from Lodz is not that near to be done on weekend.. Excited to know more about the country through your eyes (or rather camera lens) this month 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing your memories! 🙂
      That’s indeed quite cold for October. I was in Lithuania in summer and weather was just perfect, but I guess each season can be charming 🙂

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