Madagascar – Turtle


I found this turtle on the way to toilet, I mean a real one, not in a bush. 😉

My lesson learnt from this – always have your camera with you! 😀


Tego żółwia spotkałam po drodze do łazienki, i to takiej prawdziwej, a nie za krzaczkiem. 😉

To dobry przykład aby zawsze mieć przy sobie aparat fotograficzny. 😀

22 thoughts on “Madagascar – Turtle”

  1. Great picture! Love the lesson learned. 🙂
    I have experienced wanting to take a picture of something but then the camera was not with me.. Happy you had it with you this time.

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      I try to always have my camera with me; just during one trip my camera got broken and that was sad…

  2. I shutter to think that you photographed an old box turtle with other than an old box camera, but if the turtle didn’t object, neither will I. Nice shot!

  3. An excellent lesson to have learned – especially when travelling. Although we can see some pretty great things in our own areas too. Love the turtle.

  4. Great shot of the turtle! You just never know what you will find on your way to the toilet – haha! And yes, I know about that camera lesson only too well! I try to have mine with me as much as possible. 🙂

  5. Hahah, that’s funny but a good point to remember! Camera on toilet trip, obviously! 🙂 Gorgeous animal

  6. That’s true !!! it’s good to always have a camera around !!! Hehehehe …
    Cute turtle !!!!
    A meow of Sofia

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