Madeira – Introduction

Strelitzia reginae (estrelicia), known as Strelitzia, Crane Flower or Bird of Paradise.
Strelitzia reginae (estrelicia), known as Strelitzia, Crane Flower or Bird of Paradise.

Welcome November! During the coming winter months (on the northern hemisphere 馃槈 ) I’ll try to present you warm places, well at least warmer than what many of us have outside.

November is going to be all about Madeira on my blog. Hopefully, you’ll like it!

You may wander why I’m presenting you only a part of Portugal, not just entire country. Well, Madeira belongs to Portugal, but under special rules; it’s an autonomous region of Portugal.

Madeira is famous for … well there are a few things – I don’t want to spoil next posts, but one of them are flowers! So in the today’s picture you can see colorful flowers that are present in many places in Madeira. One of the common name of this flower is Bird of Paradise. 馃檪


Witajcie w listopadzie! 馃檪 Zimowe miesi膮ce postaram si臋 Wam troszk臋 ogrza膰 poprzez posty i zdj臋cia z cieplejszych region贸w. Nie zawsze b臋d臋 pokazywa膰 bardzo gor膮ce miejsca, ale postaram si臋 aby by艂y one cieplejsze od tego co wi臋kszo艣膰 z nas ma za oknem. 馃槈

Listopad, na moim blogu, b臋dzie po艣wi臋cony Maderze. Mam nadziej臋, 偶e si臋 Wam spodoba!

Mo偶e si臋 zastanawiacie, dlaczego przedstawiam Wam tylko jedn膮 portugalsk膮 wysp臋, a nie ca艂e pa艅stwo. Ot贸偶 Madera, co prawda nie jest niezale偶nym pa艅stwem, ale jest regionem autonomicznym, st膮d zostanie osobno potraktowana na moim blogu.

Mimo, i偶 to niewielka wyspa, Madera s艂ynie z kilku rzeczy. Nie wymieni臋 wszystkich ju偶 teraz aby nie zepsu膰 czytania i ogl膮dania kolejnych post贸w. 馃槈 Na dzisiejszym zdj臋ciu jeden z symboli Madery – kwiaty. W wielu miejscach spotkacie ogrom kolorowych kwiat贸w, przede wszystkim gatunek widoczny na zdj臋ciu – strelicj臋 kr贸lewsk膮.

p.s. Je偶eli zastanawiacie si臋 nad wyjazdem 鈥瀕ast minute鈥 na Mader臋, to mo偶e zainteresuje Was ten link ?

53 thoughts on “Madeira – Introduction”

  1. I think my brother is in Madeira as I write. He loves flowers and has created a several acre botanical garden with many Bird of Paradise flowers in it in Houston, Texas. They really are wonderful flowers. I look forward to more flower posts.

    1. That’s a nice coincidence! 馃檪
      And it has to look amazing to visit so huge botanical garden full of wonderful flowers! That’s really great!

  2. Madera! W ko艅cu si臋 si臋 dowiedzia艂am jaki rejon wybra艂a艣 馃檪 A Madera to nasz plan na przysz艂y rok, tylko jeszcze nie wiemy na jaki miesi膮c 馃檪

    1. 馃檪 A to super si臋 zgra艂o! co do miesi膮ca to ka偶dy ma sw贸j urok, tylko zimowe bywaj膮 bardziej deszczowe.

    1. It’s a good idea to combine Spain and Portugal in one trip, and also Madeira 馃檪 Hopefully my posts in November give a positive impression about this island! 馃檪

    1. Jak zawsze, b臋dzie jedno zdj臋cie codziennie, jedne pewnie si臋 spodobaj膮 mniej, a inne bardziej, i na pewno b臋dzie kilka inspiracji! 馃檪

  3. Ju偶 kilka razy planowa艂am odwiedzi膰 Mader臋 i zawsze trafia艂a si臋 okazja 偶eby wyjecha膰 gdzie艣 dalej i zmienia艂am plany. Teraz ju偶 wiem, musz臋 tam pojecha膰!!! 馃檪

    1. In the next days I’ll show more characteristics of Madeira, hopefully you’ll like them! 馃檪

    1. Thank you!
      Enjoy summer in Australia! I was there in January, and funny thing – it was raining in the Red Center! Totally unexpected to see there waterfalls!

  4. Wow! Stunning Bird of Paradise flowers. I thought they only grow in Hawaii. Madeira has a lot to offer I see. Thanks for blogging about it and sharing some of your stunning images. 馃檪

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