Madeira – stone gate

Sao Vicente
Sao Vicente

Nearby Calhau de Sao Jorge we found nice beaches. There is a stone gate leading to one of them. I have to admit, that it may be not the best option for relaxing at the beach, because it’s not a sandy beach, but full of pebbles. However, we had lots of fun searching for nicely shaped stones! 🙂


Niedaleko Calhau de Sao Jorge znajdziecie wiele plaż. Mimo, iż nie są one piaszczyste, mają też wiele uroku. Spędziliśmy chwilkę na plaży w poszukiwaniu ciekawych kamyków. Jednak mi najbardziej do gustu przypadła kamienna brama prowadząca na jedną z plaż. Często bardziej lubię takie nietypowe znaleziska, niż typowe atrakcje turystyczne. 😉

20 thoughts on “Madeira – stone gate”

  1. What a pretty photo. I’ve kept rocks from beaches I’ve visited and put them in a pretty glass container to display in a bathroom at home. 🙂

  2. Pebble beaches are no good for bare feet but great for collecting stones, as you say. You can find some interesting things on a beach. I really like that stone gateway. It makes a lovely photo.

  3. I agree with a previous commenter who noted your framing of the doorway and the sea.

    What is it about an archway or an open door that compels us to go through it and explore? I had that strong urge to explore with your photo – that’s how much it drew me in.

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