Malta – Comino Island

Malta Island, Malta

Comino Island (Kemmuna, Ephaestia) is the smallest from the three Malta’s inhabited islands. It’s called as an inhabited island, however there are only a few people living there! What’s interesting, there is even a hotel in Comino Island, so you can stay overnight.

I haven’t been to Comino Island during my trip to Malta, maybe one day…
Have you been there?

6 thoughts on “Malta – Comino Island”

  1. Yes, my wife and I went there one day from Gozo. The main beach was beautiful and the waters crystal clear, BUT it was soon covered with sun-worshippers! So we walked around the corner – past the hotel you mentioned and found a very quiet beach away from the crowds. 🙂

    1. that sounds like a great day!
      You were there in October? I was in Malta in February, I guess a bit too early, next time then…

  2. At one time, my daughter was in Malta for five years, so I visited several times. We went over to Comino for a day trip and it was beautiful swimming in the clear water, but there were jellyfish!

    1. That’s very nice, it’s always a great opportunity to visit lovely places when our friends/family live there 🙂

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