Mongolia – Ger

The Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Ger (Yurt) is a portable round tent and a traditional nomadic house.
In today’s picture, you see two gers located in the Gobi desert.

In Mongolia, it’s possible to spend a night in a ger, and I can really recommend it as a unique experience! Especially, when you’re in the Gobi desert, staying overnight in a ger is a must! 🙂
It’s even possible to spend a night in a ger in Ulaanbataar, just the surrounding view will be different. 😉

4 thoughts on “Mongolia – Ger”

  1. It does look awesome! I would really like to visit the Gobi desert once.

    We stayed in a Ger while exploring the surroundings of Ulaanbataar during a day excursion to Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. It was really nice, isolated and in green nature. I would totally recommend it instead of staying in a Ger in Ulaanbataar itself.

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