Bolivia – Mountains

nearby Chacaltaya, Bolivia
nearby Chacaltaya, Bolivia

28 % of the territory of Bolivia it’s so-called the Andean region located above 3,000 meters.
13 % is the Sub-Andean region (intermediate terrain).
And 59 % is a plain region (Llanos) below 400 m above sea level.
So the chances to see and enjoy mountains in Bolivia are really high. 馃檪


G贸ry stanowi膮 cz臋sty widok boliwijskiego krajobrazu.
28 % ca艂kowitej powierzchni Boliwii znajduje si臋 na ponad 3,000 m n.p.m. a 13 % to tereny pomi臋dzy 400 m, a 3,000 m n.p.m. Ca艂a reszta (59 %) to tzw. Llanos, czyli r贸wniny.

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  1. Wow !!!! What a breathtaking scenery !!!!
    Dear Maja, our mom will travel so we will stay away from the blog for a little while, so we want to thank you for your beautiful comments during this year !!!!
    We were very happy to read them !!!!
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