Netherlands – Cheese market

Cheese market
Cheese market

There are 5 places with traditional Dutch cheese markets: Alkmaar, Gouda, Edam, Hoorn, and Woerden. It’s a gorgeous experience to visit one of them. It’s a big event, with presenting cheese, weighting, and carrying it, and of course you can try or buy cheese! Maybe it doesn’t sound special, but you just have to see it, and you change your mind. 馃檪

Cheese markets take place in summer, usually once a week. If you want more information, please check their website: .


Holandia s艂ynie z sera i nie bez powodu! 馃檪 Do tego, w pi臋ciu miastach odbywaj膮 si臋 “targi serowe”, s膮 to: Alkmaar, Gouda, Edam, Hoorn, i Woerden. Taki targ to bardzo ciekawa impreza, na kt贸rej mo偶na zobaczy膰 jak si臋 sprawdza sery, wa偶y, d藕wiga itp. Oczywi艣cie mo偶na te偶 posmakowa膰 i kupi膰 pyszny ser!

Serowe targi odbywaj膮 si臋 tylko latem, z regu艂y raz na tydzie艅. Wi臋cej informacji znajdziecie na oficjalnej stronie: .

20 thoughts on “Netherlands – Cheese market”

  1. I am living in Uruguay now.. And really miss all the Dutch cheese! Edammer and Gouda cheese love those 馃檪

    1. what about buttermilk or stroopwafel?

      I guess, instead of cheese you have yerba mate 馃槈

  2. Great fun to get to sample. I’m always amazed that there seem to be new cheeses on the market frequently. Would love to see how they make them. Enjoying your travels as always.

    1. Thank you for visiting! 馃檪
      Cheese markets are great, and Dutch cheese is delicious 馃檪

  3. From which city is this picture? I still have not managed to visit one since they take place in the weekdays and I always hesitate. Now I should wait one more year again or go to the one at Woerden this Saturday last chance 馃槢

    1. It was in Alkmaar – one of the best experiences in the Netehrlands! I think this one was on Friday.

      1. Yeah, Alkmaar is also my target and indeed is on Fridays. I was there at Christmas period couple of years ago and at that point I did not know it takes place only between April and September. I found Alkmaar nice anyhow but I still have this in my 篓to do篓 list 馃檪

        1. I see, I liked Alkmaar, it’s one of many lovely Dutch towns. It’s just far from G. 馃槈

          1. Everything is far from G., and especially a market that starts at 10 in the morning ! At least the islands are nearby 馃榾

  4. Podczas pobytu w Amsterdamie mieli艣my okazj臋 popr贸bowa膰 r贸偶nych ser贸w i te sery maj膮 naprawd臋 niepowtarzalny smak, ale o targach ser贸w jeszcze nie s艂ysza艂am. Dzi臋ki za wskaz贸wki. Pozdrowienia:)

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