Netherlands – Windows

Windows in Groningen
Windows in Groningen

Today’s photo is another example of Dutch doors and windows. Everywhere in the Netherlands, you can see plenty of nice windows and doors, often with cats sitting nearby. 😉


Na dzisiejszym zdjęciu kolejny przykład okien i drzwi. To bardzo typowy widok – urocze okna, dookoła kwiaty i często kociak siedzący na oknie lub schodach. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Netherlands – Windows”

    1. Czesto widywalam mniej lub bardziej zaniedbane domy, ale kwiaty zawsze byly piekne 🙂

  1. Love this one particularly. I think those are awnings pulled up around the windows on the outside. That is so useful and attractive. Enjoyable post. Love your penchant for detail. My husband’s an architect.

    1. Thank you!
      I’m sure you learnt something from your husband that changed your view of buildings etc., it has to be very interesting!

  2. How beautiful !!!! I really liked the photo !!!!
    Have a great sunday !!!!
    A meow of Frida

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