Norway – Oslo

Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway

Welcome to the Kingdom of Norway.

In this January, I decided to search for a real winter destination with lots of snow, thus Norway, and especially very north Norway, was my goal. I found what I was searching for and it was wonderful, but let me come back to it in a few days. First, I want to share with you some of my impressions from Oslo.

I spent 2 nights in a lovely, built in typical Scandinavian style, Hotel Scandic Gardermoen, that proves high quality doesn’t have to be extremely expensive in Norway. You will have there a nice breakfast (with typical specialties from Norway) at a cosy fire place. And you can even buy a nice painting. Take a walk around the hallways of the hotel, you may find among the many paintings the one you like. 馃檪

I had a very intensive day of sightseeing Oslo. Wasn’t extremely cold ;-), but it was snowing almost all the time. I guess sunny, summer Oslo looks much better in pictures, but winter time is also not bad! I think, many people have the impression it’s extra cold and dark there in winter, but it’s not true! When I visited Oslo, temperature was around -5 Celsius with lots of snow. Sun rises around 9 a.m., and sunset was around 4 p.m., so it’s also not so much different from many European countries that time.
It doesn’t sound so scary, does it?


Witajcie w Kr贸lestwie Norwegii. 馃檪

W styczniu, postanowi艂am poszuka膰 prawdziwej zimy, st膮d Norwegia by艂a celem mojej podr贸偶y. Znalaz艂am wszystko czego szuka艂am. Szczeg贸艂y podr贸偶y przedstawi臋 Wam za kilka dni, ale najpierw moje wra偶enia z norweskiej stolicy, Oslo.

Sp臋dzi艂am 2 noce w uroczym, typowo skandynawskim hotelu Scandic Gardermoen, kt贸ry udowadnia, 偶e w Norwegii, wysoka jako艣膰 nie musi i艣膰 w parze z wysok膮 cen膮! Musz臋 te偶 przyzna膰, 偶e hotelowe 艣niadanie bardzo mi艂o mnie zaskoczy艂o, poniewa偶 oferowa艂o mn贸stwo norweskich specjalno艣ci (nie oby艂o si臋 bez 艂ososia przyrz膮dzonego na kilka sposob贸w). 馃檪

Mia艂am bardzo intensywny dzie艅 zwiedzania Oslo. Nie by艂o bardzo zimno, ale 艣nieg sypa艂 prawie ca艂y dzie艅. St膮d przyznaj臋, 偶e letnie, s艂oneczne Oslo, prezentuje si臋 lepiej na zdj臋ciach, ale zima te偶 jest pi臋kna! 馃榾
Wydaje mi si臋, 偶e wiele os贸b wr臋cz boi si臋 odwiedzi膰 Norwegi臋 zim膮, ze wzgl臋du na niskie temperatury. Jednak jest to b艂臋dne podej艣cie! Oslo jest do艣膰 nisko po艂o偶one i temperatury s膮 zno艣ne. Podczas mojej wizyty, by艂o oko艂o -5 C, wi臋c mniej wi臋cej tyle samo stopni, co w wielu innych europejskich miastach w styczniu. Wsch贸d s艂o艅ca by艂 oko艂o 9 rano, a zach贸d oko艂o 16, czyli te偶 “typowy, zimowy dzie艅”.

28 thoughts on “Norway – Oslo”

  1. I’m looking forward to hear of your adventures there, and see more photos. Personally I think Norway is the most beautiful country on earth.

    1. Norway has amazing nature, but I’m not sure about my no. 1, there a few very high on my list 馃榾

  2. Oslo is not so much north, that’s why you won’t see so big differences 馃槈 I’ve visited Oslo in June and was lucky with nice sunny weather and even rainbows 馃檪

  3. I’d love to see the painting you bought. It would have to be a small one to fit in my suitcase.

  4. Norway is country that always fascinated me. Thanks for sharing your impressions!
    PS: Have read Steinbeck’s ‘The Moon is Down’ ?
    A great book about when Norway was under Nazi control during WWII.

    1. It’s just the beginning, I hope you’ll like all February days 馃檪
      And thanks for recommendation, I don’t know this book.

  5. Looking forward to your travels in Norway. I have a good friend from there. Not sure what part though.

    1. It’s a lovely country. I’ll show only its winter image, but I hope you’ll like it! 馃檪

  6. Trafi艂a艣 w sedno, bo ja mam opory przed wyjazdem do kraj贸w p贸艂nocy zim膮. Niby ludzie to robi膮…, ale tam zawsze wydaje mi si臋 taaaak zimno ;_; Mo偶e w ko艅cu si臋 prze艂ami臋 po Twoich postach;D

    1. mam nadziej臋, 29 dni na przekonywanie 馃檪
      druga po艂owa b臋dzie bardziej magiczna 馃檪

  7. I’m watching a Norwegian series on Netflix right now called “Occupied”. Oslo looks like such a beautiful city in this series, and your photos make it look even more so. These winter photos are stunning.

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