Philippines – Is it dangerous?

Taal Volcano, the Philippines

Is it dangerous to visit the Philippines?
Well, it may be… If you’re lucky, everything may be fine; but you have to be aware of terrorists attacks or kidnaps. Some regions of the Philippines, especially Mindanao, should be avoided by travelers.

Currently, you can also find warnings concerning Zika virus in the Philippines.

Just be aware of everything before traveling!
Of course, “something” may happen everywhere, but some places are more dangerous.

4 thoughts on “Philippines – Is it dangerous?”

  1. Yours is the second post I’ve read this morning about fear. Take all precautions and trust the universe. It’s a challenge but it works for me.

  2. I have an art-brother living there and every time a tsunami has passed by, I check in with him, if he and his family are ok.

    The most dangerous about the Philippines I think, is the fact that people have been given the right to kill drug-users themselves. Even, if a person suspects another person is involved with, or doing, drugs…Truly shocking.

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