South Africa – Cape Town

Western Cape province, South Africa

I think, many tourists fly to Johannesburg and then they visit the Kruger National Park. I haven’t been to that part of South Africa, yet. I took a flight to Cape Town, because my friends lived there that time. I wasn’t really impressed by the city, but I loved the region! Mountains, coast, ocean, penguins, etc., – stunning nature! I can definitely recommend you the Western Cape province.

6 thoughts on “South Africa – Cape Town”

  1. I am curious to know when exactly you visited Cape Town? I am intrigued about your posts about South Africa and am taken aback by the things you are putting up and reflecting on. Interesting to see how foreigners view it. Fiona

    1. I was in South Africa in 2014, January.
      Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to visit many places, but still have great memories. 🙂

      1. Aaah okay, I was under the impression that you were currently visiting South Africa as I would have be keen to meet with you & show you a few local favourite spots of Dan & myself within Cape Point and surrounding regions. Pity. Perhaps next time you visit. A lot has changed since 2014. Fiona

        1. oh, that would be wonderful!
          I hope, one day I can visit South Africa again, I’ll let you know.
          Thank you! 🙂

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