Easter Island – Moai and British Museum

Easter Island

The British Museum in London is an amazing place. You can explore it for days (many, many days…) and don’t have enough; you can find there lots of wonderful pieces from all over the world; and you don’t pay for your visit!

You can also find there one Moai, Hoa Hakananai’a.
I wrote yesterday, it’s bit controversial topic – do you know why?
From one side, you can say, Moai was stolen and should be returned from London to Easter Island.
But, it’s much easier (and cheaper for many) to visit the British Muesuem then going to Easter Island; so more people can see Moai and learn a bit about history of Easter Island; and actually get inspired to visit Easter Island one day.
Some people even complain, that Easter Island doesn’t care enough for Moai; and Moai on Easter Island are slowly getting more and more destroyed (even by peeing dogs…); so the Moai in British Museum will survive longer in much better shape.

Easter Island – Where are Moai?

Easter Island

Moai are from Easter Island, but some of them were taken to other countries,
to join someone’s private collection or to museum, and everyone can see them.
On this Wikipedia website, you can check where Moai can be found.

Tomorrow, I’ll continue this topic, that seems to be a bit controversial.

Easter Island – Carved Moai

Easter Island

One of the description of moai says they are a type of rock carving found on Easter Island.
Some of moai, have even designs carved on their backs and posteriors, as post stone working.
And some of them, were also painted.

Easter Island – Easter Island Heads

Easter Island

Moai are often called as “Easter Island Heads”.
Moai heads are quite large, but the statues have the entire body,
however, it’s partly covered and not always visible.

Easter Island – Pukao & Moai

Easter Island

Pukao is the name of hats that are placed on top of some moai.

Easter Island – Eyes of Moai

Easter Island

Moai have eyes. 😉
Archaeologists found out that soem of moai have had eyes made of white colar (with black or red pupils).

Easter Island – How Big are Moai

Moai may be up to 10 m tall;
but the smalles have less than 1.5 m.

Easter Island – How Many Moai

Easter Island

There are about 900 Moai statues on Easter Islands.

Easter Island – Moai

Moai on Easter Island

In the following days, I’ll show you pictures of fascinating moai statues and will try to present some facts about them.
(I wrote “will try”, because there are different opinions about moai and it’s not always so obvious…)

Moai statues are massive monolithic figures on Easter Island, built between the years 1250 and 1500.

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