Ukraine – Politics…


I guess, almost everyone knows who is the president of USA. Ukraine is not a very powerful country and many people may not be even aware where it is situated. However, there is lots of going on in Ukraine. Maybe you heard words like “Orange Revolution”, “Euromaidan protests”, “2014 Ukrainian revolution” or “Crimean crisis” – that’s all from Ukraine!

As I already wrote before, it’s a travel blog, so I don’t want to write about politics, so I’ll only mention basic facts.
And look at today’s picture – it’s like saying – “Stop! I have a headache. No more politics.”. 😉

2 thoughts on “Ukraine – Politics…”

  1. Can we ever separate politics from our observations of other countries? It’s a huge contributing factor I think.

    1. that so true, unfortunately…
      random people often have nothing in common with it

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