Ukraine – Snakes

Crimea, Ukraine

I come from a country where not so many poisonous animals live, I mean wild animals, people are excluded. 😉 So the idea of meeting a snake in a garden is more like a fantasy to me. Knowing that, you can imagine how “unhappy” I was while seeing a snake, when I was hiking in Crimea… Well, I didn’t scream, but was slightly surprised…

The fact is – in Crimean mountains you can find a snake or a viper.

I don’t know what kind of spices I saw, I rather remember a bird…
So, I was hiking and taking pictures. At some point, I heard a bird kind of “shouting” sound. The bird was flying close to the ground – looked like jumping – up and down, up and down, etc… From my perspective, it looked like this tiny bird was shouting-informing that there is a snake coming; and bird was jumping above this snake. I was frozen…
p.s. That snake looked quite big to me, but I may be not the best person for describing the snake’s size. 😉

2 thoughts on “Ukraine – Snakes”

  1. Gorgeous view! I bet you were surprised seeing a snake! We have a big snake year this year. I’ve lost count on how many rattle snakes I’ve seen so far.

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