USA – Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon
Upper Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is a very interesting place, someone could even say magical. If the weather allows, it’s possible to observe beams of light inside Upper Antelope Canyon. Unfortunately, the day we’re there was cloudy so we didn’t see very strong beams. On the other hand, there was still enough sunlight, or reflections, that gave nice colors and small beams. 馃檪


Kanion Antylopy jest bardzo ciekawym, a nawet powiedzia艂abym magicznym, miejscem. Je偶eli s艂oneczna pogoda dopisuje, to istnieje mo偶liwo艣膰 zobaczenia charakterystycznych snop贸w 艣wiat艂a wpadaj膮ce do szczelin kanionu. Niestety dzie艅, na kt贸ry zaplanowali艣my wizyt臋 w Kanionie Antylopy, by艂聽do艣膰 pochmurny i nie uda艂o nam si臋 zobaczy膰 bardzo silnych snop贸w 艣wiat艂a. Jednak by艂o na tyle du偶o 艣wiat艂a aby podziwia膰 s艂abe snopy, kt贸re te偶 s膮 imponuj膮ce! 馃檪

47 thoughts on “USA – Antelope Canyon”

  1. I always considered this place very special and I want to visit for sure! Even under cloudy conditions it appears to be very beautiful in your photo!

  2. It looks your friends are right about your main occupation. Your destinations list is very impressive!!! Thank you for following.
    Have a nice day! Milego dnia!

  3. Sometimes I really miss the beauty of the National Parks in the USA… you name a couple in your posts! I remember vividly the Mesa Verde, the Canyon de Chelly, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Great Sequoia, Yellowstone, Petrified Forest (many yrs. ago I use to live in the west part of USA)… I really would like to go back once more and visit all them again…
    As always you show us beautifull pictures, thank you!

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      And, I can understand why you miss it! All places that you mentioned, plus many more, are so gorgeous! I hope one day, you go there again! 馃檪

  4. Na pierwszy rzut oka my艣la艂am, 偶e to dryfuj膮ca na wietrze chusta, na czarnym tle 馃檪 Pi臋kne zdj臋cie!

  5. One of the places I have always longed to see. Glad that despite the lack of sun, you managed to still great a gorgeous photo.

  6. Przede wszystkim trzeba by膰 tam o odpowiedniej porze, kiedy s艂o艅ce jest w zenicie. Dlatego bilety w 艣rodku dnia s膮 najdro偶sze.

  7. jeszcze troch臋 i sama zobacz臋 na wlasne oczy! zawsze jak patrz臋 na zdj臋cia ludzi, kt贸rzy s膮 “w 艣rodku” kanionu, wydaje mi si臋 (przez te ob艂e kszta艂ty), 偶e ta ska艂a jest taka mi臋kka, 偶e lada moment zostanie zadeptana i sie zdeformuje 馃槈

    1. Co艣 w tym jest, szczeg贸lnie, 偶e ka偶dy chce piaskem posypa膰 aby zobaczy膰 s艂upy 艣wiat艂a. 馃榾

  8. I came to read that post, because I loved the Antylope Canyon, I loved the colors, I loved the rock formations and I loved the light that made this place magical.
    And I’m disappointed, because all I got was one photo and 5 sentences. Visiting a place like that and showing so little is a crime against the beauty of American nature, especially the beauty of Antylope Canyon.

    1. Thanks for visiting, but obviously, you’re first time on my blog, otherwise you’d known that’s the style of it. I post one picture everyday with a short description, and each month is all about different country/territory.

  9. Jedno z najbardziej niesamowitych miejsc w jakich uda艂o nam si臋 by膰 w USA 馃檪 W艂a艣nie to zdj臋cie oddaje pi臋kno i niezwyk艂o艣c tego miejsca 馃檪 Pozdrawiam

  10. Stany nigdy mnie nie poci膮ga艂y, ale odk膮d zobaczy艂am gdzie艣 zdj臋cia z kanionu Antylopy wiem jedno – musz臋 tam kiedy艣 pojecha膰 i to zobaczy膰 na 偶ywo. 馃檪

    1. Ja te偶 kiedy艣 by艂am bardziej negatywnie do nich nastawiona, bo “wszyscy si臋 nimi podniecali”, ale trzeba im przyzna膰 偶e przyrod臋 maj膮 wspania艂膮! 馃檪

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