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As you see, I titled my pictures from Yellowstone National Park by the different colors I encountered to show how diverse this park is. Yellowstone it’s much more than Old Faithful Geyser (honestly, it’s a bit disappointing) or Grand Prismatic Spring (unfortunately overcrowded).

I have to add here, that I was a bit disappointed by Yellowstone in general. But it’s only because I visited before a few superb geothermal places e.g., Iceland or White Island in New Zealand. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t like Yellowstone, I liked it a lot! But when you travel a lot it’s easier to say that “in my opinion, this place is better than this one”, but separately both places are great! And, I still think Yellowstone is a must-see!

p.s. I love these deep, dark, blue holes, as the one shown in the picture. 馃檪


Poka偶臋 Wam jeszcze w tym miesi膮cu, kilka zdj臋膰 z parku Yellowstone. Poszczeg贸lne posty z Yellowstone postanowi艂am nazwa膰 kolorami, poniewa偶 ten park zaskoczy艂 mnie swoj膮 r贸偶norodno艣ci膮 i zdecydowanie jest bardzo kolorowy. Z drugiej strony, musz臋 przyzna膰, 偶e spodziewa艂am si臋 czego艣 “lepszego” po Yellowstone. Nie oznacza to, 偶e nie podoba艂o mi si臋 w Yellowstone. Podoba艂o si臋 i bardzo polecam, ale zwiedzaj膮c r贸偶ne pi臋kne miejsca 艂atwo wyrobi膰 sobie opini臋 co nam si臋 bardziej podoba, mimo 偶e te r贸偶ne miejsca same w sobie s膮 bardzo ciekawe.

Odno艣nie dzisiejszego zdj臋cia – jak Wam si臋 podoba ta g艂臋boka, granatowa dziura? Ja je uwielbiam, s膮 pi臋kne i w pewien spos贸b przera偶aj膮ce. 馃槈

35 thoughts on “USA – Blue Yellowstone”

  1. Mimo, 偶e faktycznie kolory s膮 pi臋kne, to i tak wydaje mi si臋 nieco mroczne. Jednak czekam na inne kolory z Yellowstone 馃檪

  2. The thermal features at Yellowstone really do get crowded – definitely a good idea to get a little off the beaten track to see some of the more obscure ones (both at Yellowstone and elsewhere!). That said, I would never pass up a chance to sit on the deck at the Old Faithful Inn and watch (it turns out, overcrowded and disappointing are helped immensely by a cocktail).

  3. Know this feeling – I’d always had a yen to visit Thailand but my mistake was I arrived after three months in India and nothing in Thailand could match the dazzle of its Asian neighbour.

    1. Yeah, I had the same impression about Thailand!!! Have you been in Laos? I liked it much more than Thailand, because it’s not so touristic, well, not yet…

  4. Thanks for the follow! Nice to see someone else blogging about the same niche as I am — traveling. Hope to stay connected and share our stories through here.


    1. Nice to meet you, Renee! My blog has a bit different style, because I post everyday a picture with a short note, and change countries/places every month; but I enjoy blogs with useful information like yours, e.g., like these posts about NYC 馃檪

  5. Niesamowite kolory, przepi臋kne! Mi park Yellowstone b臋dzie si膮 zawsze kojarzy艂 z misiem Yoggi…. jak silny wp艂yw maj膮 na nas kresk贸wki z dzieci艅stwa ( szczeg贸lnie ze starych, szarych czas贸w) ;))

    1. Dok艂adnie, bajki z dzieci艅stwa zapami臋tamy na zawsze. Smaki nam si臋 zmieniaj膮, ale 膯wirka czy Filemona zawsze b臋d臋 lubi膰 馃榾

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