Philippines – Natural Disasters

Mt Pinatubo, the Philippines

There is something more, you should have in mind before planning your trip to the Philippines.
The Philippines are located on the Pacific Ring of Fire and close to the equator. That makes earthquakes, typhoons, monsoon rains, floods or landslides, and volcanic eruptions more likely to occur in the Philippines.
It’s never boring there…

Philippines – Is it dangerous?

Taal Volcano, the Philippines

Is it dangerous to visit the Philippines?
Well, it may be… If you’re lucky, everything may be fine; but you have to be aware of terrorists attacks or kidnaps. Some regions of the Philippines, especially Mindanao, should be avoided by travelers.

Currently, you can also find warnings concerning Zika virus in the Philippines.

Just be aware of everything before traveling!
Of course, β€œsomething” may happen everywhere, but some places are more dangerous.