Philippines – Chocolate Hills (Bohol)

Bohol, the Philippines

The beautiful hills you see in today’s picture have a sweet name “Chocolate Hills”.
Unfortunately, they aren’t made of chocolate. 😉
They’re covered by grass that turns brown in dry season, that’s why people called them as Chocolate Hills.

There are almost 1300 hills in Bohol! Their height ranges from 40 to 120 meters.

Philippines – Bohol Island

Bohol, the Philippines

Bohol is a beautiful island.
Well, the Philippines have plenty of amazing islands, but Bohol is my favorite.
Bohol has a bit of everything, great nature, i.e, lovely beaches, hills (Chocolate Hills!), animals (tarsier).
Don’t miss it, while visiting the Philippines.

I think, Bohol is mostly known from Chocolate Hills; next days, I’ll tell you more about them. 🙂

Philippines – Dynamite

Banaue, the Philippines

When I was going to rice terraces in Banaue, I had “unexpected attractions”. People were building a road, and using dynamite to destroy some rocks. I have to say, it was first time in my life, seeing something like that (today’s photo). It was interesting to observe it, but also a bit scary while hearing the explosions…

Philippines – Getting to Banaue

Banaue, the Philippines

When you want to visit Banaue, be aware, that you may have to walk a bit (or a bit more). I guess, it depends on the weather conditions, e.g., strong rains or landslides can make the path more complicated. When I was there, the road was under construction, so our walk was even longer than usual.

Philippines – Banaue

Banaue, the Philippines

Banaue or the Batad Rice Terraces and Bangaan Rice Terraces is an amazing site with rice terraces, listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Some people even say, that it’s the most beautiful place in the Philippines. I’ll show you my favorite site soon, it’s not Banaue, but Banaue is definitely a must-see in the Philippines.

Philippines – Manila

Mt Pinatubo, the Philippines

Manila is the capital of the Philippines and it’s its the most populous city.
I guess, the majority of tourists enter the Philippines in Manila and then visit the capital.
I didn’t have so much time in Manila, however from that what I’ve seen, I wasn’t really impressed. But, it’s a good starting point for many trips.

Philippines – Visa

Taal Volcano, the Philippines

When I travel somewhere, I’m always happy if I don’t’ have to deal with the bureaucracy to organize a visa. Well, sometimes it’s very easy to get a visa, but for other countries it may be very problematic.

To enter the Philippines, many nationalities don’t need a visa; and can stay there up to 30 days. That’s very convenient. 🙂

Philippines – Jeepney

the Philippines

In the Philippines, you’ll see many of these funny, colorful cars. They are very popular, not only among the tourists.
They’re made from US military jeeps left over from World War II.
They are called Jeepney.

If you’re in the Philippines, you just have to take a ride with Jeepney. 🙂
But be aware, they may take many (tooooo many 😉 ) passengers, even over 50!