Australia – Termite Mounds

Termite Mounds, Litchfield National Park, Australia

In the Litchfield National Park you’ll find an amazing scenery made by termites!
In today’s picture you see an example of magnetic termite mounds. No, it’s not a graveyard. 😉 Doesn’t it look unique? Some of the mounds are small, others are quite big, even about two meters tall.

Australia – Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the main attractions in Australia. It’s the world’s largest coral reef and simply stunning! It’s an unforgettable experience to snorkel or dive there. However, there is also a sad part about it, people often kill the reef simply by touching it! So please, be careful while observing any reef.

Australia – Dingo

Dingo, Australia

Dingo is a name of a native Australian dog.
When I was in Australia, I didn’t really expect to meet dingo, but we’re lucky to spot them. Dogs look friendly, but they’re still wild animals, so it’s better not to play with them etc.!

p.s. Do you know what dingo dogs like to eat?
I’ll show you on the 17th of January. 😉