Libya – Go or not


At that moment authorities of almost each country, advise against traveling to Libya.
Unfortunately, they have good reasons to do so…

I will not talk about the political situation in Libya, war, etc., because it’s a travel blog, I’ll mention a few facts hoping that one day the situation will be stable and the country will be safe to tourists.

Libya – Libya or Syria


In daily travel impressions on my blog, every month, I show you a different country or place I visited in the past. Some of the trips were done a month earlier, but others – many years ago.

I visited Libya in 2004, so it’s already 14 years ago! That’s a lot, especially for Libya, because its recent history is so intense and there are many changes. Definitely, Libya was quite a different country 14 years ago…
I remember, before I went to Libya, I wasn’t sure should I go to Syria or Libya; at the end I chose Libya. I haven’t visited Syria yet. Now, I regret that I didn’t visit both countries that time…