Greenland – Northern Lights


The northern lights are a wonderful phenomenon. Its idea is relatively simple, but it’s still very fascinating and effective.

Long, dark nights in Greenland (with “some help from the Sun” 😉 ) give a great opportunity to observe northern lights.

p.s. I was already writing about northern lights, that I’ve seen in Norway; so you’ll find seem practical issues in my previous posts:
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Greenland – When to go


When is the best time to visit Greenland?
-Well, the answer is not so obvious. Summer gives lots of possibilities for tourists. However, visiting Greenland in winter is a unique experience; and in winter you have almost 100% chances to see northern lights!

I was in Greenland in winter, and I loved it. I have to admit, I still would love to visit Greenland in summer, hopefully one day.

Greenland – Musk Ox


The musk ox (musk-ox or muskox) is the largest land mammal living in Greenland.
From far, musk ox looks like a brown stone (at least some people say it); from close – it’s kind of bison (from my point of view).

On today’s picture, you cannot see any musk ox; or maybe one is hiding in a “house of the lords”. 😉
However, it’s quite easy to spot musk ox or reindeer in Greenland; I’ve seen many of them just didn’t manage to take a good close up photo of musk ox.