Ecuador – Land of Chocolate


I didn’t mention one food-product yesterday… it’s a chocolate or cacao.

Ecuador claims that it produces a special kind of cacao, and used to be the largest fine or flavored cacao producer in the world.
Check the “visit.ecuador” website for all “sweet” details.

Fortunately, I didn’t forget about chocolate while being in Ecuador and bought a very, very dark Ecuadorian chocolate. 🙂

Ecuador – Mountain Sickness


While visiting amazing mountains in Ecuador, please don’t forget about mountain sickness (altitude sickness).

I’ve already mentioned it a few times on my blog, but maybe it’s never too much. 😉
Acute mountain sickness may happen to anyone. Don’t try to show off how fit you are, just take it easy, move slowly, drink lots of water and observe your body. Immediately inform someone if you have a headache, stomachache, fatigue, etc.

Just remember about the altitude sickness and do everything to prevent it and observe your body to catch the first symptoms!

Ecuador – Hiking the Caldera Quilotoa

Laguna Quilotoa, Ecuador

You can also take a hike to or around the caldera Quilotoa.
Depending what you choose, it may take a few days or just 1 day.
The total distance is not so big, but the elevation, up to 3900 m, may be quite demanding. So don’t forget about the altitude sickness and be aware of first sings of it.
When I was there, there were only a few people hiking, but other seasons are more crowded.

Ecuador – People


When I started traveling, I hardy ever was taking pictures of people. I was always more interested by nature or architecture. At some point, I change my mind and realized that local people are actually an important part of a culture in a given country. I like to observe what kind of clothes they wear, especially traditional clothes. Unfortunately, younger generations often don’t want to wear traditional clothes any more; that makes sense, but it’s also a bit sad.

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