Argentina – Glaciers

Glaciers in Argentina
Glaciers in Argentina

One of my favorite days in Patagonia was when I took a cruise to the glaciers. It’s a short distance from El Calafate; it’s not Perito Moreno. It’s so amazing to observe all blueish ice formations. It was very relaxing for me, but quite exhausting for my camera. 🙂


Jeden z moich najmilej wspominanych dni w Patagoni, to gdy wybrałam się na kilkugodzinny rejs z El Calafate, wzdłuż lodowców (ale nie do Perito Moreno). Był to spokojny, leniwy dzień, przepełniony wspaniałymi widokami. Tylko mój aparat nie odpoczywał tego dnia. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Argentina – Glaciers”

  1. The blue color is really very appealing. I can only imagine being there! And yes, my camera would be exhausted, too. Fabulous!

  2. Hi Maja, nice to meet you. Sorry your comment was in spam for so long!
    We loved the glaciers of Patagonia too! So very beautiful.
    Thanks for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey. And don’t be a stranger – come on over and join the conversation. I’ll make sure you don’t end up in spam again 🙂
    Happy travels,

    1. Nice to meet you too!
      I don’t know why, but it’s not the first time my comment was in spam…
      I love New Zealand and your pictures are amazing!
      Stay safe!

  3. Man I agree!!! The color of those glaciers is just superb! Have you ever been to the Chilean side of Patagonia? There is a lot to offer. A little north of where they actually consider “patagonia” are some fabulous places in Chile. I remember we went to the volcano region, Pucon and Puerto Montt. WOW! I really love patagonia. ~Keep Traveleando~

    1. Thanks! Yes, I also visited some places in Chilean Patagonia, however I hope to go back there one day, because it’s so beautiful and there are thousands places to explore! 🙂

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