Argentina – Ice-cream

Glaciers in Argentina
Glaciers in Argentina

The name of the town El Calafate has actually nothing in common with glaciers. It’s from a little bush with dark blue berries. While in El Calafate, search for ice cream with “Calafate” berries. 🙂


Nazwa miasta El Calafate nie ma nic wspólnego z lodowcami. Pochodzi od krzewu z granatowymi owocami, jego polska nazwa to berberys bukszpanolistny. Gdy będziecie w El Calafate poszukajcie lodów z jagodami “Calafate”.

6 thoughts on “Argentina – Ice-cream”

  1. How it is possible, that you always find something good to eat on your traveling track? 😉 I would like to try them 🙂
    Are there similiar to the acai (our favourite nectar) in Brazil?

    1. They taste totally different, you know, there is nothing like acai… (unfortunately 🙁 )

  2. I would like to try Calafate berries also…but I have never been to Argentina and I don’t think I will be there any time soon. Perhapss the Calafate berries will make it into the grocery store, but then again maybe not.

    1. I guess they’ll stay local;
      but you never now, maybe one day, you’ll visit Argentina 🙂

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