Oman – Beaches


In Oman you’ll find also hotels with its own beaches, that offer many attractions like kitesurfing, diving, snorkeling, boating, surfing, or simply swimming and sunbathing. So you can decide, do you prefer wild beaches or more organized places for relaxing. 🙂


Oman także oferuje wiele hoteli z dostępem do morza, gdzie czekają rozmaite atrakcje wodne. Więc każdy może zdecydować czy woli dziką plażę, czy bardziej zorganizowane wakacje. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Oman – Beaches”

  1. I love an holiday near the sea. We have some wonderful beaches in the Southern coastlines both East and West.

    Oman seems an attractive holiday destination.

  2. My grandson taught in Indonesia a few years ago. He was on the island of
    Batam? Parents would put their teen-agers on the ferry to Batam and leave them there with no money to get back home. So there were street kids. My grandson began to gather them into soccer teams and try to help them survive. But Indonesia is Muslim and the government made him stop. He made friends with taxi drivers who had him to dinner with their families. He really liked the people, but the government closed the school and sent the teachers home with instructions not to come back, since even though it was not nominally a Christian school it was taught by foreigners, many of whom were Christian. He said their approach had been to find what Islam and Christianity had in common. He stayed at a resort with friends that was beautiful. So many interesting and beautiful places that I’ve hardly heard of. I love taking trips with you. Thanks again for sharing so much and bringing places to us.

    1. oh, wow! What a story! Thank you for sharing it, it’s very interesting!
      Have a nice weekend! 🙂

  3. I’m not sure that Oman is one of the UK’s most popular destinations for beaches but they do sound lovely, with lots of activities on offer. ?

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