Oman – Final impression


And today, the last day of a month so the last picture of from Oman on my blog.

As always, I ask you how did you like this series?

I spent only a few days in Oman, but managed to explore a bit of “everything”, the rest has to wait for the next time. 🙂 I don’t have Oman currently on my list, but who knows, maybe one day I’ll visit it again; if so, it’s going to be during winter months, e.g., December to avoid the highest temperatures. 🙂

If you plan to visit Oman, I may suggest to go there sooner than later. Tourism in Oman is growing quite fast, and I personally much more enjoy all places without crowds of tourists. 🙂


Na zakończenie miesiąca o Omanie, jeszcze raz zdjęcie kóz, tym razem idących gęsiego, a może koziego? 😉

Jak zawsze zapytam jak Wam się podobał “mój” Oman?
Oczywiście jeszcze wiele miejsc w Omanie jest przede mną nieodkrytych, jednak jak na początek, trochę kultury i trochę przyrody udało mi się doświadczyć. 🙂

A już jutro nowy miesiąc i nowe państwo na moim blogu – serdecznie zapraszam! 🙂

48 thoughts on “Oman – Final impression”

  1. You surprised me with Oman. I didn’t know much about it. It looks beautiful and interesting. Thanks!

  2. Your blog is one of the few I always read as it is short and simple. I have time for blogs like that even if I don’t often comment. Please put a like button on the main page then I can like it too 🙂

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      Unfortunately not all countries are extra excited, but it doesn’t mean they are not worthy visiting.

  3. Yes, I did enjoy it because it is a place I knew nothing about, and it seemed to be so very peaceful compared to many other countries in the area.

  4. Lovely series of posts and pictures. Unfortunately, nowadays to avoid tourists crowd you have to chose the season which is not really good for travel or find rear hidden places.

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      Indeed, these days many places are crowded, but fortunately there is some unspotted, e.g., Falklands 🙂

  5. Bonjour, un grand merci pour cette belle dernière photo.
    J’ai vraiment aimé tous les billets sur Oman.
    A bientôt, mes amitiés 🙂

  6. Ale fajna rodzina kózek 🙂 Bardzo ciekawa była ta Twoja wyprawa po Omanie. Dla mnie to dość egzotyczne państwo, dalekie od europejskiej kultury. Ale też dlatego kuszące. Może i mnie kiedyś uda się je odwiedzić.

  7. il viaggio è stato molto interessante…ma con tutto quello che sta succedendo già da qualche anno evito di viaggiare in Medio Oriente lato sud, la prudenza non è mai troppa!

  8. Like you, I prefer the less well known and less crowded locations for holidays, but many families with children still tend to head for the regular, better known beach resorts. I love to explore new places and have a long list to work through! I love the wild look of this photo.

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