Bolivia – People

Woman and a cat, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Woman and a cat, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

As I mentioned before, Bolivia is a very diverse country, also concerning people. There are different ethnic groups living in different regions, and some of them may not look like Bolivians at all – whatever that means to you. 馃槈 Well, that’s only our subjective point of view based on regions we visited in Bolivia. Yesterday, I said, that for me, traditional clothes for Bolivian women are colorful dresses and there has to be a hat. It’s not true in many regions, I just like to remember it like that. 馃檪

Be aware, there are many, many, many (!!!) ethnicities and minorities in Bolivia, and they have their own culture, traditions, language, etc.


Jak ju偶 wcze艣niej wspomnia艂am, Boliwia to bardzo r贸偶norodny kraj, tak偶e pod wzgl臋dem jej mieszka艅c贸w. Poszczeg贸lne regiony Boliwii s膮 zamieszkane przez rozmaite grupy etniczne, kt贸re wyr贸偶nia str贸j, kultura, tradycje, j臋zyki itp. I tych grup jest naprawd臋 wiele!

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