Oman – Desert Safari


Deserts in different countries have different faces. It’s not only place covered by sand, but some deserts are full of stones, with mountains, etc. In Oman, you’ll find a typical sandy desert, but also the one that looks like that.

You can enjoy deserts e.g., by taking “desert safari” tours. 馃檪


Pustynie w r贸偶nych krajach maj膮 r贸偶ne oblicza. To nie tylko miejsce pokryte przez piaski, ale czasami na pustyniach s膮 g贸ry, kamienie itp. W Omanie znajdziecie typow膮, piaszczyst膮 pustyni臋, ale i tak膮 jak na moich zdj臋ciach.

Ciekaw膮 opcj膮 na zwiedzanie pusty艅 jest skorzystanie z tzw. “pustynnych safari”, cz臋sto takie wycieczki oferuj膮 du偶o atrakcji. 馃檪

32 thoughts on “Oman – Desert Safari”

    1. from one side this feeling and from the other “who is hiding behind that rock…” 馃檪

  1. Interesting photo. We saw both rocky and stony desert in the Sahara, too. Our guide made a point of talking about it. It’s quite different to the sandy dunes we all think of as ‘desert’.

    1. Thank you! 馃檪
      I was very impressed by the Gobi desert, because it looks like all deserts taken together, a bit of everything.

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