Oman – Desert


And today another view of Omani desert, and a picture with almost blue sky. 😉
In this area we saw many tiny huts, some of them partly destroyed, others with interesting doors.


I kolejne zdjęcie omańskiej pustyni, tym razem z prawie niebieskim/niezachmurzonym niebem. 😉
W tym rejonie widzieliśmy sporo chatek, niektóre ledwo się trzymające, a inne miały takie ciekawe drzwi.

16 thoughts on “Oman – Desert”

  1. It looks a very hostile environment, and I wouldn’t think many people would want to live out there. I wonder if the huts are shepherd’s or goaltenders huts?

  2. How beautiful, but how desolate. Did people once live in the huts? Or were they for travelers? I can’t imagine living there.

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